Sunday 27 January 2013

Training & something broken

This morning did a little more training with my cycling partner in crime @MyOrangeBrompton. The weather reports said it would be raining early on but clearing up mid morn so I figured is finally wear my new Altura Night Vision Jacket for the first time. I'm finally getting the knack of wearing the right cycling clothing for the weather which is always an added bonus when on the road in the UK.

Made sure I fuelled up on fruit porridge and toast before I left to make sure I had a good energy reserve.

Got to Hyde Park, Albert Memorial a little late but was quickly joined by Mr. O as he has gone for shelter from the rain.

PAD: 27th January 2013
The Legend @ Albert Memorial

Albert Memorial

The wind I found was pretty bad on the high points in Hyde Park so it was a bit of a struggle for me but as always I kept on pumping my little legs. In conversations with Mr. O we finally realised that we have a major ride in less than a week, LBC Ride: London to Cambridge. I was saying to my buddy that I swear the date has been changed as this ride seemed to have snuck up on us & only just realised we got less than a week to go.

The reason being is the original date for this ride was in April but seeing the London Brompton Club  calender was a little neglected we decided to also to this ride on 2nd February 2013 in case some people couldn't make it to the April one.
On returning home "The Legend" needed a good cleaning. I cleaned him up and on my normal maintence checks I found that one of my rear wheel spokes was broken. :(

Broken spoke :(
On my break at work tomorrow I'll take my boy down to my local bike shop and see what they can do for him. This is one thing I won't be able to do as to me its a magic artform. Ever since I had a broken spoke awhile back that I didn't even know of at the time but it was found at a previous Maintenance class.

Remember folks, check your little buddies regularly !


  1. Bumble:
    Spoke breakage is not only a nuisance, but can be downright dangerous. Glad you found it!

    Peace :)