Tuesday 28 August 2012

The legend on The Cycle Show (ITV4) #BWC2012

Well the TV show that I appeared in is now on-line at the ITV4 iPlayer website The Cycle Show (27th August 2012) and will be there for 30days. Not sure if you will be able to see it if you are outside the UK though.

The Brompton World Championship bit is the last segment and you can jump straight to it. (37mins onwards)

I appear at 40:55 when they interview me >:D

The legend continues......

Doing the triple ?

While cycling around the Olympic Park area I found this podium and couldn't resist doing something with it ;)

The Legend wins the 1,2,3 !!

Monday 27 August 2012

The Cycle Show, The Legend and #BWC2012

Well well.

I was looking forward to seeing The Cycle Show on ITV4 as it was at the Brompton World Championships 2012 that I went to last week. Just after I finished the race I got interviewed by a tv crew about why I came to the event and everything. They didnt go and use me on it. I managed to get a quick screen grab of me on camera which is just too cool. Later on the tv show will be on their ITV4 iPlayer type thing which can be found here The Cycle Show on ITV4 iPlayer

The show I'm in will be dated 27th August near the end where they do a whole section on the Brompton World Championships 2012.

Here is a quick grab I got of myself

The legend of The Brompton Bumble B

Review: Garmin Edge 200 Cycle Computer

After seeing the awesome data about the BWC2012 from Mr.O's cycle computer I decided to look into getting myself a Garmin Edge 200 Cycle Computer

I didn't want anything too complex or expensive so the Edge 200 was perfect for my needs. I found out that Garmin was doing a £30 cash-back offer on the device. Basically send them proof of purchase and a photo of your old cycle comp and you get £30 cash-back in 28days. I looked on eBay to see if I could pick up one dirt cheap but after seeing how much they where going for there it was the same as buying from the shop and using the cash-back deal on offer. So atleast if I bought it from a shop I would have a full 1 yr guarantee.

Edge 200 Cashback form (Promotion ends: 31/08/2012, Claim must be received no later than 30/09/12)

I thought I'd use both my cycle computers at the same time to see if there was any difference. My old Cateye Velo Wireless Cycle Computer looks ALOT smaller than the Garmin Edge 200 but then the Garmin does a hell of alot more stuff.

Garmin Edge 200 & Cateye Velo Wireless Computers
Once I turned it on while outside the Garmin Edge 200 acquired GPS signal pretty quickly (20secs), if in built up areas it takes a little longer.
First off I found the display to be pretty good & clear and while riding I could see everything I needed to see without endangering myself or others. While cycling I could see that the speed indicators lagged slightly compared to the Cateye Velo but then again the Velo is getting it signal from the magnet on my front wheel which is about 60cm away compared to the Garmin Edge 200 which gets its signal from GPS satellites a few hundred miles away in earth orbit so I could forgive it for being a little lagged >:D
Even in a little traffic I encountered on a Bank Holiday morning I could hear the sounds of the Garmin whenever it was giving me a message mostly whenever I stopped/started or when it lost a signal a couple of times when going into abit of heavy forest.

I logged a couple of rides and found it to be easy to find the functions I needed to do this and even surprised with the breadcrumb function to follow if needed. Didn't actually try this out to see how good it would be to follow the breadcrumb map to a destination, maybe later when I get more used to it.

Got to Victoria Park in Hackney as I wanted to log a training loop around the park so I could use it later a course and use for more training in the future to see where I need improving etc.

Distance: 2.71 miles
Time: 14 mins
Average Speed: 11.2mph
Maximum Speed: 17.7mph
Calories: 159C

When I returned home I downloaded all the logs from my rides and loaded it up into the free Garmin Connect web site where you can view your cycling logs in detail and even overlay maps etc. Very interesting reading all the different stats.

I hope in time it will help me with my training to get even more fitter cause I'm meaning to do ALOT more cycling events as they come up either though London Brompton Club or whatever events I find out about on-line

Saturday 25 August 2012

Event: Brompton World Championships 2012

Before the sun had started it's epic journey across the sky on this day a legend will be born....

There where rumours, whisperings about one man and his Brompton.

This is their story....

Woke up at silly o'clock, hell it was still dark outside but I didn't care as it was the day I have been looking forward to for a good few months. Today was the Brompton World Championships 2012.

Jumped out of bed and looked over my outfit and thought, "God I have to wear this outfit in public!" but I knew "The sleeper must awaken.....!"

I was so excited I had to force down my bowl of porridge and a banana. I looked up and there The Legend was waiting, quietly knowing that the hours of work and planning was finally coming together. Everything was packed and ready to go so off we went. This would be the first time I had packed so much on Bumble B but I knew he could handle it. At 05:00hrs there where no underground trains so I had to take the night bus to Marble Arch to meet with my travelling & training buddy Mr. O
While on the bus I was excited and nervous at the same time but with my secret weapon packed away out of sight til it was time I settled down.
Finally got to Marble Arch and met up with Mr. O and we set off on our journey.

While we was travelling I got a call from a fellow LBC member who was already at Blenheim Palace. He knew I was going to do the Marathon and BWC Race. He warned me about the Marathon saying there was some pretty big mean hills out there. I said I would think about it and see how it went. His advise would be ringing in my ears a few hours later trust me.
As we got nearer to Blenheim Palace we saw a couple Brompton riders heading in the same direction and ofcourse waved as we drove past.

All registered and got ready for the first event The Brompton Marathon - 26.2 miles which starts off in the palace grounds and heads off into the wilds of the countryside.

Riders getting ready for the Brompton Marathon

The Legend is ready.....
The Brompton World Championships  - the big one! A full out race to be the quickest you can over a demanding 8.2 mile course.

My poor legs just after the Marathon
 I just about got back from the Marathon with just enough time to quickly run to get my full outfit for the BWC itself. Because it was a hot day the event organizers said that for safety reasons riders didn't have to wear their blazers/jackets. No argument from me as it was pretty damn hot but then no one would have gotten the full "Bumble B" effect >:(

Yours truly

My fellow riders warming up for the main race.
In the end because I did the marathon and didn't get too much time to rest up I only got to do 1 lap of the 2 lap race. I was VERY disappointed in myself for not finishing it but I have no one to blame but myself as I was warned off doing the Marathon before hand. Oh well next time I will know.
A few of my fellow LBC buddies where abit worried about me as I probably looked pretty messed up after the marathon and didn't have much time to recover for the main race, but I thought I'd atleast start the race itself and see how I went. I only managed 1 lap which I was really disappointed with >:( more training and no marathons

My only causality
Somewhere along the way I lost one of the wings from the Bee bell :(

The Brompton Tent

Anyways after the race it was time for something to eat which was included with the racing etc in the Brompton Tent.

Brompton from Japan, probably a member of the LBC group too

More  Bromptons enjoying the sunshine
All in all a good day out with fellow Brompton riders, met up a whole load of other members from my London Brompton Club as well as getting a few new members too I'm guessing. But all good things must come to an end.....

Safety first eh buddy? :)
Mr.O and myself returned back to London after a hard day cycling. As ever its always good to go cycling with my buddy but I really need to push up my fitness level much higher.

The end to a awesome day of cycling
There was a photographic booth thing next to the Brompton Tent and as I was walking past the photographer said " I've been looking for you, I've been told to make sure I take photos of the Bee Man!" I just about got dragged into the booth for him to take a few shots.

World Championship & Marathon Medals
 Now here is the FULL Bumble B effect:

Saturday 18 August 2012

Timelapse Video: Preparations for #BWC2012

Short Timelapse of me getting "The legend known as Bumble B" ready for the Brompton World Championships 2012 tomorrow.

I'm 100% ready....

We're ready for #BWC2012, are you?

Well today as been a busy one for me and "The Legend." Spend ALL morning cleaning, oiling and installing the freshly painted black mudguards which look VERY sweet on him. Then I almost forgot I still had a couple of little things I wanted to get for myself to wear to finish off my outfit completely.

I never knew how hard it is to get a plain yellow short sleeve shirt before but I found out today. Got something similar but I wanted a black shirt and a yellow shirts so I could take both with me. Got the black easy enough but yellow, damn that are hard to find. Always got some design on it or something but I just wanted PLAIN yellow.

Anyways after I finished "The Legend" this morning I took him out to the back garden and did a little photoshoot with him.


A Legend is born
Wicked Sprayed Black Mudguards >:D

Wicked Sprayed Black Mudguards >:D
Updated the LBC Logo >:D

Just so no one makes a mistake about his name >:D
Ok a few mins ago I put on ALL of my outfit for the BWC2012.




I nearly burnt my eyes out, I even took a few pics just to see if it was really that bad. 

IT IS !! >:D

Well everything is done, cant do anything more to myself or "The Legend" so I can now relax in this roasting hot day. Even having on my jacket for a few mins to see the outfit was abit much, if the weather is like this tomorrow its gonna be murder.

Friday 17 August 2012

Review: Bottle KlicKfit

Well had my first ride since installing the Bottle KlicKfit that allows you to install a bottle cage anywhere on your bike. This is pretty handy esp for a Brompton so you can put it in a place where it wont interrupt its folding abilities.

I got this Bottle KlicKfit from SJSCycles and came first class postage.

I would say the hardest part is figuring out where you want to have your bottle cage as I have seen a few people put it on the handle stem like me or on the main tube.

(Tip: Get a piece of old inner tube to wrap around your bike's mounting point so you don't scratch the paintwork)

Base of KlicKfit on Stem with some old rubber innertube

Its attached with the long silver piece of metal and comes in 2 different lengths so should be able to be used on any diameter tubing.

(Tip: use abit of old inner tube to protect your paint work and stop it moving about while riding)

The second part is the part that attaches to your chosen bottle cage

Bottle Cage holder

KlicKfit cage holder with Bottle cage attached
Easy and straight forward to install..

When in actually use I find its easier to  unclip the whole cage thing even while riding as this cage is pretty grabby and sometimes you will be fighting to get the bottle from the cage to take a drink. It could be just the cage I got to hold the bottle itself but its so easy to clip and unclip while riding. Not once did it un clip itself and didn't get in the way of my knees while riding along or folding.

So if your gonna be doing alot of riding esp in summer/hot weather and don't want to stop for a drink I can heartily recommend this piece of kit. Thanks to another member of the London Brompton Club that put me on this KlickKit system. Also can get other attachments to for holding maps, mobile phones & bags.

KlicKFit fully installed with waterbottle

The final piece for Bumble B

Well had a little training ride with Mr.O this afternoon around Hyde Park, London. Was a awesome day out with the sun etc. Which kinda had us thinking that if the conditions for the Brompton World Championships are the same then we are going to be pretty damn hot before we have even cycled anywhere. So we discussed that we could have  a couple of outfits. As the Marathon has no dress code so I will bring a extra Tshirts and wear that. On the Championship race itself the dress code is "Sartorial elegance (not fancy dress)" which basically means shirt, blazer/jacket & Tie.

I'm actually thinking of not actually wearing the big item of my outfit til its start time of the Championship race to really burn the eyes out of the competition so I can win. >:P

Anyways enough of that now to Bumble B's final item which I've VERY VERY pleased about. I wanted basically everything on The Legend to either be black or yellow so I was thinking about painting my mudguard blades. Mentioned this to a work mate and he told me his done his motorbike and would do my mudguards for me if I supplied the materials. So I just picked up some Halfords car spray undercoat and black gloss paint and gave it all to him to work his magic a 3 days ago.....

From this....
Standard Brompton Mudguard Blades

He gave me back these.......

Glossy black Mudguards >:D
I was completely gob-smacked by his work. 

Seriously woop woop >:D

Already told him that when I get the chance his gonna re spray my helmet and put on black and yellow stripes. Abit too late for #BWC2012 but there will be other events.

They are still a little "tacky" so I won't install them on The Legend till tomorrow as I don't wanna scratch them. All I need to do is put some wax and buff it out again and they will look even better than this. 

But come on, SEXY or WHAT??????

Thursday 16 August 2012

Bumble B Cleaning Stage 1: Complete

Well just finished the 1st stage of cleaning "The Legend" basically getting the main bulk of the grease and crap off.  Currently my work mate has the mudguards and is spraying them black for me.

I got the Bottle KlicKfit so I can mount a bottle cage (Bottle Cage & FREE bottle from London Fields Cycles) on Bumble B but also be able to take it off whenever I like. I've even seen you can mount other things like maps or GPS devices on to it as well. Will do a review of the new bits once I've actually had a ride as the last couple of days I haven't been out on him which feels kinda weird.

Bottle KlicKfit, Bottle Cage & Free Bottle >:)
Some point tomorrow probably after my training ride with Mr.O I'll take Bumble B's wheels off as that's the only way to really clean and oil them properly I have found. Also the chain which even though its yellow looks black now. Other than that we're both basically ready for Brompton World Championships on Sunday.

Be doing a little redesign of Bumble B's logo on the main frame to try and get this blog url in & also got some little business type cards printed to. Details of this blog and the facebook group are on it so will be much easier to get more folks reading the group and about "The Legend..."

Sunday 12 August 2012

Intensive Training Session #BWC2012

Just finished some intensive training with my cycling buddy Mr. O. Damn it hurt bad but it's needed. The plan was to do Richmond Park circuit 2 times.

Yeahhhhh righttttt. 

I think we just about managed the once. Well I say we more like me as Mr. O just zoomed off a few times especially at them nasty hills. I'm no hill climber people.DAMN THEY HURT

But its good training cause then next time I go there or anything similar I can see if I've improved. Still need to increase my training in general anyways, cycling in my normal spots isnt really doing it. As riding the same places all the time doesn't really improve your fitness it just tops out and doesnt get any better unless you push it a little every time.

All in all I'm happy with my current fitness, its ALOT better than it used to be that's for sure and I'm feeling the benefits of it. Gonna try and do some more training this week when work allows me, also got to get in touch with work mate that said he could spray my mudguards for me. Should have got his number or atleast his name but that's classic me. Just know him by sight most of the time LOL

I just got small things to do before #BWC2012 in regards to the outfit and then its just cleaning Bumble B up and making sure everything is oiled and looking his VERY best. If I can't get the mudguards done in time I may just put them back on as they are.

Another good ride Mr. O, more in the future for sure but maybe a little flatter please, just saying >:P

Was thinking of cutting the grass, yeahhhhhhh rightttttt >:/

Saturday 11 August 2012

ALMOST lost Block & #BWC2012

Going into work yesterday I almost lost my new FIRM suspension block. As others in LBC face book group have told me to watch it as some have worked themselves loose. Got to work and just as I'm putting Bumble B in his parking spot the block falls off. Found everything but the nut that holds everything.

Asked one of the engineers if they had a nut that would fit and the did so atleast I can get home on it. Made sure I tightened it up properly when I got in last night just to be sure.

Many people got an email from Brompton yesterday regarding the process of attending the Brompton World Championships. On the email it said the Marathon Race started at 08:40hrs which got me confused as the coach from the factory leaves London at the same time. I emailed Brompton and they said that if I want to get to the Marathon I'd have to make my own way there in time to do it :(

But on a happier note a good friend offered me a lift from London >:D Will see if there is anyway for me to get the money back for my coach ticket seeing I wont be needing it >:D

Friday 10 August 2012

My Prep for #BWC2012

With all the preparations going on with Bumble B I almost forgot I got my own preparing to do.

The major part of my outfit just arrived not more than 15mins ago.

O      M      F     G

It's so badass it hurts >:D

I emailed the person about it and seems they where very busy and almost forgot it. They gave me a certain time it would be done by and I emailed them about it 1 week after that deadline to check. Lucky I did as I may not have got it in time.

Now just little bits to finally get

"The sleeper shall awaken"


Brompton World Championships 2012

Will you be there?

Bumble B's Prep for #BWC2012

Well yesterday was eventful.

Was riding into work for the first time with the new pedals on and I was getting an odd feeling from the folding pedal. A "clicking" feeling and sound and I was thinking "oh crap I got a crappy pedal and will have to send it back for replacement" Anyways I thought hold on I didn't get to tighten it properly as I didn't have the right tools for the job so in my break at work I asked one of the Engineers if they had the right tool to tighten the pedal up. Being a fully functional Bus engineering department ofcourse they had the right tool for the job >.<

Also I got chatting with another driver and it turns out his abit of a spray paint guy, so I mentioned that I was going to do my mudguards in black and asked for some advise to get it really good and smooth looking. Turns out his re sprayed his motorbike that I'd even taken a pic of for my Photo-a-Day Project  (which you can follow on my Photography face book page) last month. He did the body work as well as the HULK himself >:D

PAD: 28th July 2012 by KrazyBee
Wicked Paint Job

Well he not only offered to do my mudguards for me as I was asking him how to get the finish mirror smooth like. So last night I took the mudguard blades off and washed them down.

Front mudguard stays still in place

Rear Mudguard stays in place
I have to say that Bumble B looks very different and kinda naked without the mudguard blades >:D

I'm evil cause I washed them in the sink and dried them off in the dish rack. I'm BAD ASS
Hopefully by next week I'll have wicked looking black mudguards, I think while my workmate is doing the mudguards I'll paint the mudguard stays black too ;)

p.s. I got an email from Brompton about what to do when I arrive at Blenheim Palace which has confused me abit. Seems that the Marathon is due to begin @ 08:40 in the morning but the coach from the factory which I'm getting leaves the Brompton Factory in London @ 08:40.
Emailed Brompton asking if there was a typo or something as I won't be there in time for the Marathon, unless Brompton have hired the TARDIS for the day >;)

Thursday 9 August 2012

Event: LBC Inaugural Ride 2012 (2/2)

London Brompton Club: Inaugural Ride 2012 (1/2)

Event: LBC Inaugural Ride 2012 (1/2)

Part 1 of the Video I took on the LBC: Inaugural Ride 2012

Review: Brompton 2012 Pedals

Right these new Brompton Pedals,(From Brilliant Bikes) I have to say they are a BIG improvement over the 2009 pedals that I had. I got replacements for both and Bumble B feels alot smoother and more grip.

Had abit of trouble with undoing the original pedal as I didn't have a 24mm Bolt socket spanner. Got one for a couple of quid and the old one came off with abit of force. oh btw to screw in the new one you need a pretty big Allen key. Lucky I was able to use the end of my spanner to tighten it so be warned it doesn't come with the pedal.

Brompton Folding Left Pedal 2012 Edition
My old folding pedal was crunching alot the last few months so I thought it was time to change it. The new one is alot smoother and feels alot tougher but we shall see in time.

Brompton Non Folding Pedal 2012 Edition
The original Non Folding pedal was basically a piece of crap which broke on me the first 3 months. Got cheap replacement pedals when I got free servicing in the 1st yr I had Bumble B. They where just some no name cheap type pedals that also broke. The last one was a more BMX type so was tougher so didn't break. Seeing I was changing te folding one I thought I would get a matching pair.

I have to say the build quality is alot better and feels more solid. I have no fear in my shoes or trainers slipping on them which has happened a couple of times in the past. Haven't tested them in the rain yet but I got a feeling these are very much improved from the 2009 versions.
I was going to get some pretty expensive pedals but I'm glad I didn't and went with the Brompton ones

Review: Brompton FIRM Suspension Block

A few people have asked me about the FIRM Suspension Block I got for Bumble B a couple of days ago so I thought I would do a little review of it.

Installed Brompton Suspension Block on Bumble B
Got the FIRM Suspension Block from Brilliant Bikes (Loving these guys) for £10.98 If you want to use your original bolt and disc then its half the price for just the block. I just got the whole thing just in case there the bolt & disc had be worn out so the new block wouldn't go on properly.

The Installation:
Pretty easy just unscrew the original suspension block and screw in the new, simples

The Ride:
First ride with it was interesting, i could feel the road surface alot more though Bumble B and I felt more in control when I needed to make sudden moves. I could feel the different road conditions though him and just felt more solid. I read that its recommended if you wanted a more firm ride also for the heavier rider (shut it :P )

I'm guessing when I'm riding harder and faster I will get more responsive ride and be even more "Bee" like >;)

Tuesday 7 August 2012

Bumble B's Upgrade Time

Well I got a nice package from the awesome Brilliant Bikes recommended by another member of the LBC group.

I got a few items for Bumble B to make sure his in top shape for Brompton World Championships in less than 2 weeks >:D
FIRM suspension block
Been waiting to get a firmer suspension block ever since I got Bumble B but they where not available at the time. Glad Brompton listen to their customers so well >:)

Brompton 2012 Folding Pedal (L)
Also got the new up to date 2012 Folding pedal as my old one was always had a "crunching" feeling. I guess after all the riding I have been doing the bearings kinda got worn out. Took me awhile to get the old pedal off as I didn't have a 24mm socket head to get it off. Quick trip to local car tool shop and £2 and I got the right size which will probably only be used the once.
2012 Non-Folding Pedal (R)
I've had about 3 non folding pedals, the original Brompton one only lasted about 3 weeks before it bent all out of shape, then I got another 2 with in the first 6 months but where not Brompton ones just some cheap pedal the shop put on when it was in for its free services.

I couldn't stop giggling when I saw this on the receipt for the items I got from Brilliant Bikes
The human touch "Brilliant Bikes"
I also asked them about black mudguards and they said they would contact Brompton to see if they where going to sell them separately, next day they said they wasn't going to sell them till maybe next yr. I told Brilliant Bikes about my ideas for Bumble B and asked for me to send photos when I've finished.

Saturday 4 August 2012

Preparations & fittness for #BWC2012

The legend known as Bumble B over the next couple of weeks will be completely overhauled & looking awesome in time for the Brompton World Championships on the 19th

Current plan is:
Replace brake cables & pads if needed.
Clean & polish.
Firm suspension block
Touch up paint.
Black mudguard blades.(if available)

Just ordered the suspension block, 2012 pedals and touch up paint. Should be with me by Monday now so will spend some time doing those little bits on "The Legend". Hope fully get a chance to do some serious training on Tues, Wed at some point.

Another thing I have noticed over the last couple of weeks is my current fitness. When in the New Forest I was blasting all over the place as a few of the other riders commented. Having said that I actually looked at my commuting time home and was abit shocked. Normally I would be around 28-30 min mark but this week I have found that I'm regularly hitting the 26mins mark. Even when I do push it abit I'm not completely out of breath like I used to be and a few more people the last week have said I've lost more weight again.