Sunday, 17 May 2015

Thames Bridges Bike Ride 2015 #TBBR

Once again it was time for the Thames Bridges Bike Ride & this will be my 3rd time of riding for the Stroke Association. This would also be my first biggish ride with the latest upgrades.
Having made it a little late for my official start time of 08:00 as I had forgotten that the Hackney Half Marathon was on which delayed me a little in getting to my local overground train station on route to Southwark.
Once there though I saw a few faces I recognized, esp a very smiley pink fairy. The one and only Chris Bridge was on good form in her pink fairy outfit.
With out wasting anymore time we was off on our way, our first bridge was Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge
This guy caught my eye as when I was younger I had the same kind of BMX made by Raleigh, the Super Tuff Burner. The one I had though was the deluxe version which was gold frame, handle bars, with black skyway wheels. Even back then I had customized it abit by adding green tyres & brake cables. God I miss that bike. I may have to see if I can spot one on eBay one of these days and relive my youth again ;)
Super Tuff Burner
The bridges where starting to blur together and we’ve only just started.
Heading down though Battersea Park towards the first pitstop
Still smiling away, it was great weather for a great ride with friends
While we was at the first pitstop Chris made a friend with this pug dog. The pug was having so much fun that I swear it was purring like a little kitten, I kid you not. Was great to see, I could almost see Chris putting the little pug into her front bag and riding the rest of the Bridges with her new friend.
Off we went again as we still had quiet a few bridges to cross.
Chris B always ready to pose
Made it to pitstop 2 in good time at Ham Common
The final push this time didn't feel as bad as last year, maybe my fitness level is a little higher, anyways we pushed on though Hampton Court to the actually finish which was a slightly different place than last year as I noticed there was boards up and construction.
Under the finishing line and receiving our medals and cheers from everyone and we had done it, the Classic Thames Bridges 2015 was complete, time for a good little rest and FOOD.
I had remembered about the burger I had last year which was awesome but this year another rider mentioned something different and had to have a taste for myself. I have to say I was pretty impressed with it and wolfed it down.
Everyone having a good rest and chat before heading off homeward

Big thanks to everyone involved with this event, the marshals, the riders the public cheering us all on, much appreciated. Stroke Association
You can still donate on Brompton BumbleB's Donation page

Video I took of the day Thames Bridges Bike Ride 2015 (Timelapse)

Garmin Data: Thames Bridges Bike Ride 2015

till the next ride, bee safe.....

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Spin London 2015 - The Urban Cycle Show

I heard about this cycle show a few weeks ago but never really gave it much thought to actually going, but as it happened I had the day off before the Thames Bridges Bike Ride 2015 so I figured I at least go and have a little look.

The LEGEND has arrived
At the show I found so many different things to do with cycling in the form of cutting edge bicycle building, artworks, nutrition, clothing & there was even a test track in the basement that you could test out the different types and styles of bicycles.

I was especially liking the black cycling cap with yellow/gold stripe

UV art

I’ve heard about these Tannus tyres, solid tyres so no worries about punctures anymore. Some people like them some don’t. I personally like the risk of having a puncture at times, gives you a chance to show of your puncture repairing skills. I have yet to ride with them but I'm happy with what I have already.

Lots of colours to choice from.

Brompton Bicycles had a stand at the show of course I had to visit. The kind folks there let me leave BBB there while I went though the show so special big thanks to them for looking after my boy.

Virtual cycling? it will never catch on. Get out on the road and do REAL cycling

At the Funked Up stand there was a white frame for everyone to sign and in a couple of weeks someone will be drawn to get a bike built using the signed frame. *cross fingers*

Signing the MY frame *fingers crossed*
As always anything yellow catches my eye ;)

This looked like it was made out of copper tubing, very cool

Chunky fat tyres

Some really nice one of a kind custom built bikes

Don’t mess with this one, its got knuckle dusters

Lovely wood looking bike, looks fast too

The thing I liked the most was the bike testing track where you could have a go on many of the bikes showcased.

Samantha enjoying the recumbent 
More recumbent fun

All in all a great day out with so much to see and do. I know I probably only took photos of half the stuff there. Even met a few fans of the legend there to so hello to anyone I spoke to.

till the next ride, bee safe…..