Monday, 2 October 2017

The curse has returned...

So over the last couple of months I have noticed a "pulsating" feeling coming from Bumble B's rear wheel. I knew this was from last time my rear rim had worn out and was basically breaking though. But this rear wheel is just over a year old and shouldn't be wearing out so quickly, something was afoot....

I took it to my main man at Mamachari to check out. He trued the wheel for me but found something odd which he couldn't explain. Basically the brake surface was pushing out in odd places on different sides which he couldn't explain and his never seen anything like it. I had another rear wheel on order already so was just waiting and would swap it out. Told him I would have a closer look at the wheel to see if I could spot anything usual about it and report back. I mentioned that the last Velocity AeroHeat rim had a huge crack down the middle which you wouldn't see if the yellow rim tape was in place and then the light bulb idea came to us at the same time. Maybe the AeroHeat rim at split again and was wondering why.

Our theory is that under the extreme pressure of 100psi the Marathon + tires needed as well as my weight may have pushed it to its limit and over time it developed cracks which just got worse over time. Even though there is no mention of max tire pressure for these rims.

I finally got the replacement wheel from Brilliant Bikes (god damn courier didn't actually deliver to The HiVE but left it at the local courier drop off without leaving a "No one was in" card)

I took a very close too at the troubled rear wheel and our theory was right. The AeroHeat Rim had split again if you looked very closely. You can just about make out the crack developing. Not as bad as the first Velocity AeroHeat rim but I caught it much earlier than before.

2nd Velocity AeroHeat rim (Apr 16, 2016 - 2 Oct 2017)
I also found where the rim is joined it had split but I have a feeling that was from me taking the Marathon + tire off as its pretty new and tough to remove from the wheel. No way me and Bumble B's surgeon would have missed that split for damn sure.

2nd Velocity AeroHeat Rim (Apr 16, 2016 - 2 Oct 2017)
2nd Rear AeroHeat Rim:

Born:     Apr 16, 2016
Died:     Oct 2, 2017
Mileage: 3,453.98 miles

New Brompton Black Wide Range Sturmey Archer hub, looking all sexy in proper black which is what I've always wanted.

So Bumble B is back up to full strength again. WOOP :D

till the next ride, bee safe.....

The Thames Bridges 2017

Its been awhile since I've ridden a decent distance so me and Bumble B headed to the Thames Bridges ride for the Stroke Association. We have done this particular ride a few times over the years and combines riding around London and rising money for a good cause.

Me and Bumble B arrived a little later than I had planned but its a pretty far distance from "The HiVE" to the start of the Thames Bridges start at Kings House Sports Ground near Barnes Bridge Station. Took me about 2hrs by train. I finally arrived at the start and got all registered. As always Bumble B causes abit of a stir when he arrives on the scene.

I was pretty much ready to go when a fellow Brompton rider Sylvia came up to me asking if I could  help with her Brompton. Being the gentlmen that I am, I could never turn down a lady in distress.

Turns out some how the straps for the rear rack for wrapped around the rear wheel sprockets and locked up. Tried to undo it but it was so tangled up I had to take the whole rear wheel off. Just when I did that the rear sprocket of her 3 speed pretty much fell off in my hand. Got Sylvia all sorted ready for her ride. She was doing the 8 mile ride so me and Bumble B waved her off on the start line.

Sylvia getting ready for the off
Me and Bumble B was pretty much ready to go but had to wait a little while for the safety briefing from the marshals and then we was off.

I didn't take many photos as I was mostly focused on making sure I was going the right way and cause there was a lot of other cyclists about I had to keep my wits about me so not to run into anyone.

Unlike other years of this ride, there was only 1 stop at around the 22 miles mark. Good supply of water, peanuts and other goodies for the hungry cyclist that has a few miles to go.


While we was there I met this gentleman who came up to me and told me that he had seen us on this ride before and the legend and I inspired him to do this ride on his 70s Bickerton no less. Kudos my man, KUDOS.

This kind of thing really makes the legend happy, inspiring people to do things they couldn't think they could do.

Legend inspiring legends
Not long after we left the feeding station I started to "bonk" abit. I knew I probably would is why i made sure I ate a few bananas and took a few cereal bars with me. I didn't eat properly before I left the HiVE as I was a little excited to get going I suppose.

I just put my head down & got on with it while eating and drinking as much as I could counting down the miles to the finish. I was on my own for a good few miles so didn't really have anything to distract me from the "bonk". Finally caught up with a few others on the ride which made me feel much better and the "bonk" feeling started to fade away & I felt stronger.

Saw the tents in the distance and knew we had made it so really pushed in on the final straight to the finish line to the huge cheers of everyone.

The legend had done it, which big smile and congrats from everyone for a good ride. All I wanted was FOOD and lots of it. I finally found the food stalls and ordered up a HUGE cheese burger with pulled pork. I didn't even give myself a chance to take a photo of it as I just wanted sink my teeth into the meat and savour the taste explosion going on in my mouth.


Finally had to make my back to the HiVE. Just as I was exiting my station I unfolded Bumble B and heard a *ping* I thought what the hell was that? I started to roll Bumble B and noticed something was jammed up in the rear wheel, had a closer look and found this.

I know my unfolding skills are awesome but I didn't figure they where THAT powerful. Lucky I actually have a brand new rear wheel on order from Brilliant Bikes.

I'd like to thank everyone for the support and cheers as well as the organizers of the Thames Bridges Ride.

till the next ride, bee safe.....

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Bromprix 2017

Today me and the legend attended the Bromprix 2017 at Cyclopark in Gravesend, Kent.This event was organised by a member of the London Brompton Club,  Steve Chopper.

It was a short trip on the train from my local station. I managed to find  Chun-Han Chan & hubby as we aimed to get the same train to Gravesend.

When the train did arrive we found a few other LBCer's heading to Bromprix 2017 and didn't even have to search the train, pretty much stepped onto the same carriage.

After a 20 minutes or so we arrived in Gravesend. I remembered being in Gravesend after a night ride a few years ago.

Jenny suggested heading to where the statue of Pocahontas. Never even knew this was here.

We heard that Chris B was in a nearby cafe called Promenade Cafe so we all headed over to get some food before heading to the Cyclopark.

I felt hungry as hell so we headed over there to have a quick snack before heading to the Cyclopark. I ordered up a awesome milkshake, Rhubarb crumble & Rum and raisin ice cream with ofcourse whipped cream.

Another thing I saw on the menu was pancakes, I thought I'd order up some thinking there where going to be something relatively small but BOY was I mistaken.

Even though I was warned by the staff at the cafe nothing could prepare me for what hit the table. I made a damned good attempt at them but DAMN it was all to much for me. Next time I should take heed of warnings.

It was then time to head off to the Cyclopark for the main event.

Steve Chooper, the event organizer had everything completely under control and gave us a brief outline of what was to happen. Also the first aides and track folks gave us a little talk about the Cyclopark itself and places to look out for.

Then it was time for a little practice lap around to see how the track felt and I have to say it is a very good track and just under 1 mile in length.

The weather was pretty much perfect for the day, nice sun with a little cloud so it wasn't to hot so we could easily wear our jackets for the race itself.

When we finally got to the racing I had a lighting brompton start, I couldn't believe it. with the Bromptons folded I had BBB unfolded and I was off down the track before anyone else. I was pretty much at the first corner which was some distance away before any one caught me and past me. I wasn't surprised at this as I'm pretty unfit and haven't done any proper rides or training for the last couple of yrs. After that I just took it easy and took in the views and chatted to a few who passed me.

After main race was over there was also a time trail which was fun to watch.

For attending the Bromprix 2017 everyone got a wonderful stitch badge of the occasion which I totally loved. This was actually designed by Steve Chooper himself and I think it looks awesome.

Just before we was heading back to Gravesend Station it started to rain quiet heavily at times but most of us waited til we thought it had finished and then made a mad dash to the station.

BIG HUGE thanks to Steve Chooper and all the folks at Cyclopark & Promenade Cafe in Gravesend

Cycling home I was greeted but a huge rainbow which I had to stop and take a picture off. This is the best one of the lot I took, can be pretty hard at times.

My cycle data of the Bromprix 2017