Thursday, 27 June 2019

Getting my good friend on the road again.

This is my very good friend Alan Knott. He has been a great supporter of me and the legend for many years and I consider him a good personal & cycling friend, even a brother. He has always welcomed me with a huge smile & hug everytime I have met him & his lovely wife Janet for events over the years and always had great advise for me, not just on cycling but also life itself.

Unfortunately his health has taken a turn for the worst and has had to get rid of his Bromptons as he has lost his leg to cancer. But fear not Alan & his friends have a plan to get him back on the road with a modified recumbent bicycle. But these things cost abit of money so a friend has set up a JustGiving campaign to help out.

We NEED to get Alan back on the road where he belongs.....

EVERY donation helps no matter how small

till the next ride, bee safe.....

Thursday, 20 June 2019

Happy 10th Birthday

This was the first ever photo I took of getting the Legend. This was about 10 mins after I bought him. I never knew that we would do so much, meet so many, smile so much, ride so many miles together.

We have changed, developed & evolved together inside and out. It has been a wonderful journey which i would never change for anything.

I have been though good and bad times but my Brompton has always brought me home, safe and sound.

HAPPY 10th Birthday

till the next ride, bee safe.....

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Review: Hardy Fisherman Poncho

As a cyclist I have to always check the weather for the day to see how I should dress while I'm on the roads, so this morning I checked and saw this.

So thats the weather for today eh? Time to break out something I've been waiting to review when the occasion called for it. The Peoples Poncho sent me Hardy Fisherman’s Yellow 3.0 to do a honest review.

Some of the details of this Poncho from the website.

Key specifics:
  • Dimensions: B 130 x 97 cm L (without hood)
  • Size: One Size
  • Weight: 460 g
  • Water resistant zippered front pouch to store valuables & keys. If in severe rain it is recommended you double bag your phone or electrical items
  • Adjustable peaked hood that can be tweaked for desired fit
  • Elastic toggles at neck and back of head to adjust to your head size
  • 3 Poppers at either side to make sleeves when required
  • High-vis piping all around edges of the poncho and two reflective panels to ensure visibility at night or in poor weather conditions
  • Extra stretch forehead panel to follow head’s movements
  • Bag with carry strap for maximum ease of use and transport
  • Total weight is 460 grams which is lightweight and dinky enough to be carried anywhere

Specific benefits for cyclist:

  • Reflective strips at the front, back and piping all around poncho for extra visibility
  • Waistband to prevent from flapping up in wind and ensure stability on bike
  • Straps fitted on the inside to hook onto handlebars so legs are protected from rain
When asked what colour I laughed out loud, of course given the choice I would always go for yellow.

So putting it on was a little tricky I should have looked at the website that has instructions on how to put it on and the extra features especially with cycling in mind.

The hand loops help keep the poncho up over the handbars and arms when cycling. Only thing I would say is if you have lights or cycling GPS you won't be able to see them as the Poncho completely covers the handbars, well atleast on Bumble B they do, but then again you will be more focused on getting to where your going and getting out of the rain as soon as possible.
The poncho also has a belt strap to go around your waist to stop it from flapping about in the wind  and keeps it close to the body.

The last time I used a poncho for cycling was a pretty much a cheap plastic bag that I got off ebay that was  a pack of 10 plastic bags. The Hard Fisherman is a whole other level. When in use I found it kept me pretty dry, the only thing that actually got wet was my cycling shoes and ankles. Next time I would wear my overshoes but which this 1 item I would be completely dry.
This is pretty useful on commuting or short rides, easy to put on and arrange, comes with is own storage bag. Only thing that I would be concerned about which there isn't much can be done about is that in high winds it pretty much acts like a  wind sail. I hate cycling when its windy as it makes the ride double the effort if you have a  strong head wind. But there is nothing you can do about that with or without the poncho anyways

You can order your very own from The Peoples Poncho webs site here.

till the next ride, bee safe.....