Thursday 10 January 2013

Entering "The Zone!"

Well yesterday afternoon was a good one. This whole week I have been feeling very drained & tired all the time, probable cause I'm on late shift with work. Since Christmas I have been slipping badly with my training and healthy eating habits. Yesterday I made a big effort to push my energy levels up to try and get back into some kind of upward curve with training and general outlook.

I really have to get into some serious training as 2013 is going to be a busy one to say the lease with some HUGE rides up coming. A major thing with me is actually eating at the proper times, most of the time I miss out breakfast which is the worst meal to miss.
PAD: 8th January 2013
My secret weapon
On my commute which is just over 5 miles there are a couple of hills I have to go up, nothing major but still going up hill. I've always have problems with going up hills but nothing I can do but try to keep doing them more.

Yesterday I felt good and energized as soon as I woke up, I even went to work early and just powered on my commute to work. Couldn't believe what the Edge was telling me with the under 25mins to get to work. Most of the time I'm in the 28's and this week I know I have been even slower. I was totally in "The Zone" and just powered though big time. I need to try find out exactly what it is I do to get me into that zone, I know its both mental and physical. I have to start doing some major training
PAD: 9th January 2013
The proof

I was thinking of installing the rest of the sensors that came with my Garmin Edge 800 but the magnets for the cadence sensors won't reach. There is a magnet at the end of the pedal arm and another on the rear wheel spokes  but on the Brompton they don't overlap to where the sensor unit is. See pic below

Gamin Edge 800 Cadence on The Legend
With my cycling partner currently testing out a Garmin Edge 800 loaned to him by Garmin UK themselves I've been looking into the rest of the Garmin Connect website. I normally don't upload my commutes but I uploaded everything and I found out I've done over 1200 miles since August 2012 >:D

~ B ~


  1. Commutes count, too! Good luck with your training. It's consistency that seems to matter the most, and that always seems to be the hardest part. Your mileage gives you a good foundation, though, and once you've experienced the "Zone" you know you're on your way!

    1. So true with the consistency. I seem to get into the zone but then real life gets in th way and cant do as much as i would like to keep hitting "The Zone!"