Sunday 21 February 2016

Shredding tyres

Yesterday was an interesting commute to work. 

Had to fight a major head wind which isn't new to me & the legend but about a mile from work the front wheel felt odd. I had a look and I saw I had a slow puncture happening. Just about managed to get to work before it was fully flat & unriddable. 

When I got home I had a good look at the tyre and I saw this. 

Yeah pretty bad. Pretty much shredded the front tyre with 6 deep cuts & looks like we've gone though sand paper to boot. I don't remember going over anything as shape but 9 times out of 10 you hardly ever see what causes punctures to begin with. 

So BBB is off the road till I get some new tyres delivered from Brillant Bikes, which have been ordered since last night. Give schewble Marathon's a go again as I've have had 4 bad Marathon +'s lately. 

til the next ride, bee safe

Wednesday 3 February 2016

Catching up with the Legend

Good morning my readers,
I know its been quite awhile since I've posted in this blog but as you can imagine real life takes priority at times.

The Legend and I have been riding so I'll condense a few blog posts into this one seems the best way to get everyone up to date with the happens.

First up is a short little ride with my cycling partner in crime Mr. Orange on the 5th Dec 2015. Nothing was really planned other than going on a short 20ish mile ride along the Thames towards the Thames Barrier and back. We've both done this ride a number of times and is an opportunity for the photographer part of us to come out and play.

Here are a few snaps I took on that Thames Barrier Ride....

Mr. O Master photographer & Brompton Rider
I must return here in summer time with my InfraRed camera to take a shot as I think this would look really good and different in the InfraRed part of the spectrum with this tree in the middle of the curved building.

Mr. O getting the best angles
Big thanks to my cycling partner in crime Mr. O for a nice relaxed ride, much appreciated.
Legend at the Thames Barrier

LBC Ride: New Year's Day 2016

Our next ride was on New Year's Day which was a nice little  ride that David Parkinson has done for the past few years. It was a very chilled out ride as everyone probably recovering from stuffing themselves in the holiday season.

Some new riders also managed to come which is always good to see as well as hardened vets.

LBC line up
A spin on "Jenny Hung Selfie" shot

This snowman looks well happy

Always happy with my LBC Clan

Well that's all the rides that I have been on of late, nothing really more than that. The holiday season is normally a little quiet as everyone has family stuff going on so its a little harder to get together for rides. I will post a 2015 review type thing in another post as this one is pretty long and scrolly.

I almost forgot a great close member of the LBC gave me a little present in the last ride.

They are awesome. I love them. Thank you Chris xxx

till the next ride, bee safe.....

till the next ride, bee safe..... & (abit late) HAPPY NEW YEAR