Saturday 26 January 2013

MKS Wide Platform Pedals

Well this morning I managed to get to the main post office cause I missed a delivery of my MKS Commuter Lambda / MKS Lambda Wide Platform Pedals from SJSCycles. As always delivery was spot on just I wasn't in to take delivery at the time so had to wait a couple of days.

Today I managed to get them and after a MIGHTY battle got them on "The Legend"

Now then the pedals
MKS Wide Platform Pedals from SJS Cycles

Nice & shinny

Serious grip & reflectors

Bigger than 2012 Brompton Folding Pedal

All installed & ready to go
I have to say I'm really impressed with these pedals. Most of the time with the Brompton pedals my feet slip a little depending on my shoes, but on these nothing moved and I did try. I felt more of my power was going though the pedals and onto the road. Like others have told me that have had these pedals I recommend them highly. They may not fold but I hardly need to fold the pedal in the first place anyways so now real lost for me on that score.


  1. Do you need any special washer or something to fit these (or the MKS FD 7) to the Brompton?

    1. Dont know about the MKS FD 7's but nope nothing special just take your old pedals off and install these.