Monday 7 January 2019

Review: Shimano MT34 Mountain Biking Shoes

So after a number of years with my current clipless shoes Specialized  BG Tahoe shoes I felt the need to get a new pair.

Wanted to get pretty much the same kind of design so I looked into my local Decathlon Sports store and found these Shimano MT34 Mountain Biking Shoes

Bought these from Decathlon as they where pretty much the same kinda of design as my old Specialized  BG Tahoe shoes

  • TRACTION - EVA midsole and rubber sole for comfort when walking.
  • BREATHABILITY - Areas with breathable fabric.
  • FIT - This shoe provides good support with its lace-up tightening system.
  • FITTING COMFORT - Specially-designed inner volume for better comfort and support.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - 378 g in size 7.
  • RIGIDITY - Fibreglass sole reinforced with polyamide for greater rigidity.
  • COMPATIBILITY - Compatible with SPD cleats (not included)

I've been using these since the middle of November 2018 on my commute rides. I have to say they feel pretty damn solid and feel hard wearing.

The only thing I may have a problem with is the clipless mounting system.

As you can see before the mounting plate is in there is a big hole in the bottom of the shoe. At the time of writing I haven't walked or ridden in the rain yet to see if they are still waterproof after the clips been mounted. If not what I may do is put some kind of sealant around the inside where the metal plate mounts to make it waterproof.

There is a metal plate that goes in the inside of the shoe and the clip part that you see screws in and tightens up pretty good but also adjustable. In time ofcourse I will probably get some yellow laces like the last pair.

till the next ride, bee safe.....