Wednesday 16 January 2013

The Legend returns...

"The Legend" has returned and he felt very fine on my commute home this evening

The folks at London Fields Cycles took care of my little buddy, they changed his chain and rear cog. His running alot smoother now and that "crunching" sound I was getting from what I thought was the gear hub has gone. I was speaking to the head guy there about it and they did had a look at the gear hub but couldn't see anything wrong with it but if the "crunching" returned they would have another look. They said that the 3 speed hubs on Bromptons are pretty reliable and they have never seen one give any trouble yet.

Collecting "The Legend!"

I also got a little warning about my wheel rims, it seems I'm just about wearing them out and was advised to keep an eye on them. In March Brompton are supposed to be releasing the new rims for the Bromptons so we agreed to try and wait it out till they are out and they would be happy do to my rims. Suggested it may be better to get a complete new front wheel and replacement rim only on the rear. The rear rim is the worst and the front not too far behind.
Wearing out the rims
But that wasn't all for today, while I was at the shop I was talking with the manager and he was asking me if something has changed with bus drivers. I asked him what he meant and he has told me that he has noticed a big change in the way buses handle bicycles on the roads these days. I did tell him that the drivers in my company have a 1 day a year training and the last time I went the training was focused quiet abit on how to handle cyclist on the roads and to make sure that when we do pass a bicycle on the road we give them plenty of room so not to "cut them up" or anything like that. He seemed well impressed with this as he cycles in and around the Hackney area quiet abit and had noticed.

Once I got Bumble B home I decided to change his brake pads and give him a good cleaning. I also sprayed a little oil down the brake cables as they felt a little stiff, I'll probably completely replace them at a LBC Maintenance Session in February as I planned.

Trying out non Brompton brake pads

So "The Legend" is almost ready for IG Nocturne, the only thing left is for me to change the tires to the Kojak that I got from my cycling buddy, take the mudguards off, another good clean, oiling & little bit of touch up paint in a few places.

Speaking of the IG Nocturne, if you spot me  & "The Legend" do say hello to us both and maybe have the chance to have your photo taken with a true LEGEND......

Trust me you will be able to spot me from miles away >:D

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