Friday 18 January 2013

The Final Prep of The Legend

Dear readers,
I sit here now making this blog entry just after installing the racing tires on "The Legend"

I've taken off his mudguards & saddle bag and to tell you the truth, he is looking a little scary.

I've never seem him so slick, so dear I say it " LEGENDARY!"

I thought I would have trouble replacing my Marathon Pluses with the Schwelbe Stelvio Lights I acquired a few months ago and to tell you the truth I thought I would never actually use them, but there they are installed and pressurised on Bumble B.

I've taken off his saddle bag and extra lighting as well

Bumble B: Commute Mode

Bumble B: Racing Mode
Schwalbe Stelvio Lights
Schwalbe Stelvio Lights
I have never ridden with these tires so I have no idea how they are going to feel like and with the weather currently snowing in London I can't even find a patch of ground to have a little spin. Actually I did have a little spin but that was all I did was SPIN the wheels.

Only thing left now is my very own prep for myself. My outfit is ready I just have to nail down what I'm going to wear to get EXCEL in the first place as all reports are saying snowing and pretty cold. I guess I will wear most of my outfit but whether it will be warm enough I have no idea.

Everything is already charged and going to be packed as soon as I finished this posting. I sure as hell not leaving my batteries at home again. I only have one problem I don't know which cameras to take with me. Do I take my dSLR (quality photos but heavy), compact (small light but not as good quality). I will be taking the keycam with me and some how get some onboard video of me racing >:D just need to figure out the best place to mount it out of the way but able to give a good view.

To anyone that is going The London Bike Show if you see me do say hello and if you see me with "The Legend" himself do come and take photographs and maybe get yourself in the shot too >:D

Time to sleep soon as I have a busy day, still haven't nailed down what I'm wearing yet as its going be a cold and maybe snowing :(

Just added a timelapse video:


  1. The Legend is looking impressively lean and sleek! Best of luck to you and Mr. Orange tomorrow!

  2. Looking good, best of luck on the race!- nycehweels