Monday 21 May 2012

More Video work

The 2 camera positions I tried out with the video

Tried out the new KeyCam I got from ebay today on Bumble B. The quality is pretty good for its size and with it being so light and small can just about be mounted anywhere with Blue-Tac. Needs a wide angle lens though but I've seen people use wide angle lens for iPhone and glued on to one of these cameras. Will look into that,  but I'm impressed with this little fella and only £27 delivered from China.

Here is the resulting video:

Thursday 17 May 2012

Quick Trip

While popping back home from work to await delivery of some LBC T Shirts. For the first time in ages I haven't ridden with my O Bag. Didn't want to bring it back as I'm going back to work in a few hrs (long break) It surprised me how different Bumble B's handling was. felt like I was going to do wheelies or something. I never really thought I had a big load in my O bag.

Well a touch more training for #BWC2012 I guess :P

Saturday 12 May 2012

The legend continues...

After installing the new rear mud guard on Bumble B & giving him a damn good clean & re greasing, his running extra smooth & fast.

Riding about in Victoria Park in Hackney & this lady came rolling up to me saying how cool my bike was. Looked like a good anti-theft device as everyone would know it was mine ;)
Hubby has one & always worried it would get stolen as 2 of her bikes (not Brompton's) been stolen in the past & bought 1 back when she found it in Brick Lane Market.

Thursday 10 May 2012

BWC 2012 & Marathon?

I've just emailed Brompton to see if I can enter the Marathon as well as the BWC.

There was a Bundle but I didn't see it when i first signed up for the BWC. Well I will see if they will let me have it at the Bundle price if not its only £10 difference in anycase.

Broken Mudguard

Just picking up Bumble B from work & notice the rear wheel not rolling right.
Looks like the bracket that holds the tiny rear wheel on the mudguard has pushed though the plastic mud guard.

Can still ride him but looks like I need a new rear mud guard. I may have another upgrade idea though with the help of 1 of the coach makers at work.

My possible options:

1: Remake mudguards in aluminium instead of plastic as plastic will get brittle in time. As I have found out.

2: Buy custom mudguards that I've seen on the net.

3: Get whole Brompton Rear Rack (turning Bumble B from M3L to M3R)

With the first option I could even design it myself to get something as strong as a proper rear rack & build in the better bracket for the skate wheels.
Have to talk to a guy at work to see if he would like to do it in the first place.

After getting home from work I ended up doing a serious cleaning and having to re grease the front wheel & adjusted my front brake cable. Also seems to be a very slight movement in the headset. Not sure if its just me being abit weird or actual movement.

Don't worry, I'll sort something out with Bumble B

Wednesday 9 May 2012

Fair Weather Cyclist

PAD: 9th May 2012 by KrazyBee
PAD: 9th May 2012, a photo by KrazyBee on Flickr.
Yes I admit I'm a fair weather cyclist. But what's the point of having a fold up bike if you cant fold it when its abit wet? :P

Sunday 6 May 2012

Event: TweedRun 2012: London Edition

I heard about TweedRun 2012 a couple of weeks ago and I said to myself I would luv to join it. Didn't have time to get any tweed type clothes as that was the rules/dress code but I'd thought I atleast cheer on a couple of people that I knew was riding @OrangeBrompton & a few others that I have met before & take photographs. Well I jumped on a bus to Oxford Street as I was running late and didnt want to miss them. Finally ended up at Piccadilly and started to monitoring #TweedRun on twitter as it looked like the whole route was a secret only known to the marshals.

Kept monitoring twitter & worked out they where just leaving The Royal Albert Hall and coming to Hyde Park etc, I rode down there and spotted @OrangeBrompton & I kinda tagged along. I wasn't wearing any tweed and thought in time I would have been asked to leave or something but no one did. I tried to keep out of the way of other peoples photo ops but also kept with the whole thing taking photos of my own in the mean time. I took my dSLR with me and basically rode the whole route 1 handed taking photos as I rode, which isn't easy. (Don't try this kids, I'm a professional)

 We went past Hyde Park Corner, up to Piccadilly Circus, Parliament Square, Buckingham Palace, Horse Guards Parade, & a few other I didn't know & ended up at the Imperial War Museum for Tea & cakes. While having tea & cake everyone went around having a good look at everyones tweeds and their bikes etc. There was a few penny farthing bikes (1 HUGE front wheel & tiny back wheel) & other different types of old style bikes as well as the modern bikes and a good few Bromptons and other folders in the mix too. A couple of what looked like custom bikes that people had made, 1 guy even had a  old style speaker hooked up to an iPhone playing old WWII music.

Stayed there for awhile, chatted with a few folks I knew from the "Love London, Go Dutch" ride a just over a week ago & met a few people too.

London TweedRun 2012

London TweedRun 2012

There was a guy there who had some really awesome looking bike & was getting interviewed alot by some folks.

London TweedRun 2012

Anyways after about an hr or so they where off again, can't remember the route as it was mainly back streets but we ended up at "The Blacksmith & The Toffeemaker" pub in  Islington which looked to be the end of the TweeRun 2012.

London TweedRun 2012

Saw @OrangeBrompton again and chatted abit about the whole thing and then looked towards going homeward bound.

London TweedRun 2012

A great day of cycling & good to see people I have met before. But next time I will join it properly with a Tweed suit etc, I've got a year atleast so I should be able to come up with something. So thats 2 suits I gotta get, 1 for the TweedRun 2013 & Brompton World Championships in August ;)

My TweedRun set on flickr

~ B ~

Saturday 5 May 2012

Event: Love London, Go Dutch: The Video

Just edited together the video I took on the "Love London, Go Dutch" Bicycle demo I went on 28th April 2012. Share around if you like and please comment where ever you see it.

Enjoy :)