Saturday 25 April 2015

The Sheffield Bimble 2015 Edition

The Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative in Sheffield do a great little annual ride. My good friend Alan Knott invited the legend down and we of course said yes.

Driving down to Sheffield I knew there would be a few hills on this ride but me and the legend where ready for them all. Arriving a little late for Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative (who kindly allowed me to park my car for the ride) but lucky there was someone there waiting for us to get to the start point. After suiting up we went into the centre of town where another ride was taking place which was a part of the #space4cycling campaign. It’s always good to see fellow riders from the north as I don’t get to see them often, especially my good friend Alan Knott.

Sheffield Town Hall
We only joined the #space4cycling ride for a few hundred yards as we heading out of town to kill some hills.

As always the pace was good one which everyone could handle and everyone making sure they got any turns we did and kept together.

As you can see many smiling faces on this ride.

One thing about Sheffield is that it has tram lines, so you have to be pretty careful where you ride in the town as with small wheels they can fall in to the tram tracks.

Brompton near Tram tracks
As we made out way out of the busy streets the hills started to loom ahead of us. I wasn't looking forward to this but I just put my head down and kept going as best as I could.

According to Strava there are 2 Category 4 hills, Kirk Edge Road. This surprise cycle art was great and we did see quiet a few other riders out on the road training with big smiles when they saw a peloton of Bromptons.

Summit of Kirk Edge Road
Ascent of Larid Road.

Larid Road
Larid Road
Larid Road
Larid Road
I have to say when I did get to the top there was a lot of cheers and clapping from the others that had already ascended this hill. It was abit of a killer but now I knew there was the fun bit, going DOWN…..

Larid Road
A couple of shots of the summit & a breather.

Larid Road
I will admit I stopped a couple of times on the proper big hills but on the really big one after what looked like I was getting left behind I got into my rhythm and actually caught up and over took a few people which I was pretty surprised at. When I did get to the summit I didn’t feel as bad as I thought I would but then it could have been the cheers and encouragement I was getting.
Going down was a little more trickier than going up as the road was a little more winding and the road surface wasn’t as good either. Took it pretty easy tow hat I normally do and once we hit the bottom of it everyone waited. While we was waiting someone suggested about feeling our rims to see how hot they where. I could have fried an egg on BBB’s to be honest and I wasn’t going that fast either.
A few hard-core riders went around the Damflask Reservoir while we waited. It did start to rain a little at this point but wasn’t too long.
Waiting near a village green for the hill climbers. Abit much after a huge lunch. #bromptonlife #urban #LBClub

Finally we made it to our little lunch spot which I have to say was a real god sent as I was hungry as hell at this point. Ordered up a Cajun Chicken Burger and of course desert Sticky Toffee Pudding. I was quiet surprised when it did arrive as the portions where HUGE even by my standards. So big that I couldn’t finish my main course but definitely tackled the dessert and won. No dessert will ever get the better of me EVER.

The ride back was a little slower as we all had a little more weight to carry due to the damn good food at the “OLD HORNS INN” but thankfully it was mostly level. It did rain a little but not much when we was leaving this fine pub.

When we did return to Sheffield Town centre there was ALOT of police vans around, it seemed we had just come back when a big football game had just finished and the fans where returning home after the game. After arriving back at the rail station a few had trains to catch back home. I had another little ride back to Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative to where I had parked the car.

Many thanks to Alan Knott for inviting me & Ian Joustra for leading. Good to see everyone at the ride that I haven’t seen for awhile and seeing a few new faces. Hopefully will be seeing a few at the Brompton World Championships in London in a few months if not sooner.

Garmin Ride Data: The Sheffield Bimble 2015

till the next ride…..bee safe

Sunday 19 April 2015

Woolwich / Greenwich Figure of 8 Ride Video #30DaysOfBiking

A little video I shot on the LBC Ride yesterday


Thames River Figure of 8 with the LBC

It feels like it has been a long time since we've been on the ride with the LBC & we was looking forward it after missing the London Classic 2015 last weekend which is still abit of a sore subject with me.

As always I fueled up with porridge, a banana and was ready to go. On my way to the station I was stopped by a roadie who commented on Bumble B. He said that Brompton's were pretty expensive but I replied they are not expensive for the convenience & you can always use public transport if needed and never worry about leaving it locked up outside cause you can take it in most places where its safe and warm. As got to my station, I jumped off, folded BBB and went on the underground :D

Came out of the station with time to spare which isn't normal for  me to get to the meeting point at the London Eye just around the corner. There where a couple of others waiting already & I even got there before David and Anne arrived which is got be first but only by a few minutes.

We waited for about 10 minutes to see if there where any late arrivals even saw flash of OrangeBrompton as he was heading to the TweedRun at a secret location in central London.

We gathered for David's customary briefing about the ride and we set off heading along the Southbank.

Stopping a couple of times for photographs on a sunny slightly breezy day at London landmarks.

Passing Tower Bridge

Beside the Thames, Canary Wharf in the distance

The Blurry Greenwich FootTunnel

Cutty Sark

I always like seeing the Cutty Sark but must come here when its night time for some night shots. I don't even know if its lighted at night would look great though I'm thinking.

Waiting for the Woolwich Ferry

Yes your eyes don't deceive you, cyclist waiting at RED traffic lights *jawdrops*

David took us on a different route to what we've been on before & right past London City Airport & ExCeL London.
London City Airport
ExCeL London

When we came out of the Greenwich Foot Tunnel on our return back to the London Eye we caught Ben Lovejoy who was leading another ride that started later.

 Another quick group shot before we headed off back towards the London Eye, South Bank.

Another great ride with my London Brompton Club buddies, weather was pretty much perfect and can't wait for the next ride.

Garmin Data: LBC Ride: Woolwich / Greenwich Figure of 8