Tuesday 16 June 2020

Review: DH Cycling Gloves

For the longest time I have been looking for a pair of long fingered gloves that I could wear in the summer months. Wanted something that wouldn’t make my hands warm but full coverage and still be able to use the touch screen of my mobile.

A friend of mine in the SimRacing community told me about some gloves he got for SimRacing.. Ofcourse this peaked my interest and asked if he could send me the link. And guess what they also come in yellow.

  • Breathable Fabric: The silicon tab makes it easy for them to wear on and off. The back of the bike gloves with good elasticity breathable material, allows sweat to evaporate and hands stay dry. Palm breathable holes releases the heat and ensures the comfort to wear.
  • Super Anti-shock Performance: Three pieces gel pad in different shapes are distributed at the bearing position of the palm. Besides,the mountain bike gloves have anti-slip and anti-shock pad design.Strengthen your grip while cycling due to its anti-slip properties and material that conforms naturally to the shape of your hand. And avoid stuffiness of palm even in vigorous exercise.
  • Super Light Gloves: The back of the cycle gloves is made of high elastic lycra fabric,which deliver high-performance with a lightweight design. The thermal cycling gloves are softer,lighter,ore comfortable, and completely unrestrictive during exercise.Besides,the gloves can prevent wind and keep warm on some level.
  • Touchscreen Compatible: Our biking gloves feature small touch sensitive pads on the thumb and index finger, allowing you to use your smartphone, tablet or other touchscreen devices without removing the gloves.
  • Multi-purpose Use: The long cuffs are better wrapped in on piece,and the one piece quick-pull design is used to quick wear on and off the the gloves.The gloves for bike are suitable for casual biking or professional cycling, MTB, bicycling, motorcycle, driving, weight lifting, workout, training, gym and other sports exercise or leisure activities.

I'm not to sure about the touch screen fingers as I've tried to use them on my smart phone and it wouldnt requester my inputs.

I have to say I'm pretty impressed with them have been wearing them mostly for simracing to be honest. I have used them a couple of times cycling and even with the hot weather found them to be very comfortable and my hands don't end up sweating. 

I will probably buy another pair, one for cycling the other for simracing but currently out of stock of yellow at time of writting.

Amazon Link Available in White, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Grey & Red

till the next ride, bee safe.....

Thursday 30 April 2020

A shift in human behaviour

So its been a good long while since I have put anything into the blog. so maybe a little update in what me and the legend have been up to.

Well been working pretty much though out the COVID 19 situation that's currently gripping the world. Because of this public transport has been reduced to a Sunday timetable as everyone is staying at home, staying safe. But as a keyworker we still work to keep the capital ticking over for other keyworkers and people needing to make ESSENTIAL journeys. Some people need to learn what ESSENTIAL journeys mean, but I wont get into that....

I finally received my prize of a pair of Brompton sized Continental tyres, thank you guys. Have no idea when I'll put these bad boys on though.

Central London is very quiet at the moment especially at night, seeing that most of the shops, clubs etc are closed up. Some even got boarders up like this cafe below. It was plain to begin with but then a few nights ago I saw an artist painting the tribute you see below for the emergency services. Seen his/her work dotted around London a few times and pretty good. After about 4 days though it got painted over with black :(

With all this happening I got myself a face mask ok a couple. I asked a wonderful talented Joanna if she could make a special one for the legend and she didn't disappoint. Kudos girl :D I love it

Also another mega talented Sam from Skye Caps made me this great facemask with bumble bees on, ofcourse :D Sam also made a few face mask for my fellow work mates which was gratefully received

Other than commuting to work I haven't done much in the way of cycling tbh, Other than looking after myself, family and working.

In other things I have been doing more virtual reality stuff and getting more and more into simracing. I've been enjoying it and have been editing a few videos to a my gaming BumbleBee VR channel as well as streaming my game play on BumbleBee_VR on twitch. If your into that please like, subscribe.

Just a little update, once we are on the other side of the current situation you bet your sweet ass the legend and I will be out there cycling for 2 BIG REASONS.

1:  My ass has gotten BIGGER
2: To ride with my cycling family that I haven't seen in a VERY long time.

till the next ride, bee safe.....

Sunday 2 February 2020

Review: BumbleBee BT Speaker

As some of you may have know I'm a bit of a fan when it comes to anything Bumble Bee related in anyway. This also includes characters in movies. So when Transformers film BUMBLEBEE came out I went and watched it. It was okish but I wasn't expecting anything awesome. What I really liked the was character BUMBLEBEE himself and that he was a crazy but lovable transformer.

So when someone sent me a link to this Bluetooth Speaker I had to get it. It came in 2 versions, clean  and battle scared. I went for the battle scared as I always like BUMBLEBEE looking abit rough. This was a cheap import so I wasn't expecting great.

First switch on and I was abit surprised as his eye glowed and the sound effect of a transformer transforming as hear.

Yeah I had to giggle at that.

  • Communication:Bluetooth
  • Audio Crossover:Full-Range
  • Battery:Yes
  • Built-in Microphone:Yes
  • Number of Loudspeaker Enclosure:1
  • Speaker Type:Portable
  • Cabinet Material:Plastic
  • Channels:2 (2.0)
  • Power Source:Battery
  • Feature:Play Video
  • Support Memory Card:Yes
  • Playback Function:MP3
  • Model Number:Bumblebee
  • Output Power:3W
  • Frequency Range:60Hz-23KHz
  • Material:Plastic
  • PMPO:3W
  • Bluetooth Version:5.0
  • Battery Capacity:1200mAh
  • Built-in Voltage:3.7V
  • Mode of Operation:Button
  • Playing Time:6 hours
  • Charging Method:USB
  • Frequency Response Range:100HZ-20KHZ

over all not to bad a unit tbh. Good for the giggle factor and well I got a Transformer BumbleBee. What more could i ask for :D

It's got a FM Radio and can take a micro SD card with music on.

till the next ride, bee safe.....

Sunday 26 January 2020

LBC: #WinterLights2020 @ Canary Wharf

This weekend I had some good time off work and there was a nice social ride with my London Brompton Club buddies so  me and the legend decided to join them for a much needed ride.

On this particular ride, organised by Jenny "Mile Monster" H & David "The Guide" P we would be heading from our classic meeting point The London Eye. 

My social rides haven't been as many as I would have hoped since the year began but I'm certainly trying to get into more of them and maybe a few of the bigger and longer rides in future as my fitness improves. For me atleast its a little harder to get my fitness level up during these dark and cold winter days but if you want something you got to work for it.

The weather was typically forecast to me COLD but if I remember rightly the last time we had a ride at this time of year it wasn't as COLD as that. Still I layered up with thermals and proper winter cycling gear and headed to The Eye.

Pink London Eye
Upon arriving at my stop I kinda got a little excited but also alittle scared, this is kinda normal for me if I haven't been on a ride for awhile but as soon as I got onto The Legend  his humming settle me right down. I was pretty much dead on time so I saw a whole group of Bromptons garther together close to the London Eye. There really must be a word for a gathering of Bromptons like that. If anyone has any ideas please comment below.

It was good to see old and new faces as always. it never surprises me how people from different backgrounds, nationalities and ages come together cause of this crazy little fold up bike.

Good to see my cycling partner in crime Mr.Orange looking very orange as always. So many new faces to and Jenny H even brought someone that had come from the far east to join us as they where in town and JUST got a brand new Brompton and this was its rider's first ride on it. Good way to break it in.

As always we made our way along the Thames River heading eastwards towards Canary Wharf and passing sights that I have been passed a number of times. London never gets old with the views of the city at this times of day, night or year.

Always love London at night when cycling near the rive, once you get past the tourist points it can be pretty quiet and the lights of the city really bring it alive.

As always we stopped for which is now a MUST do thing on a London Brompton Club  ride and thats a group photo for the facebook group header.

Photo by Jenny "Mile Monster" H
Arriving at Canary Wharf I could tell this was a pretty major event and was in full swing with people everywhere enjoying the event.

I managed to get a paper guide of the event as the Jenny H and David P both planned out which installations we would try to see given our group and the crowds around us. It would be tough as this was the last weekend it would be here so everyone was coming to have a look before it closed.

6: Sky on Earth

7: Time & Tide

8: Shish-K-A-Buoy 
4: Liquid Sound

4: Liquid Sound

19: Neon Tree 
16: Constellations

16: Constellations

21: Affinity

22: Pools of Light

22: Pools of Light

23: Squiggle 
23: Squiggle

2: Bit.Fall

3: The Clew

Well we managed to see alot but with us not actually cycling alot everyone was starting to feel the cold as it seemed the temperature dropped since we arrived at the event. Having gathered everyone together we motored back towards our meeting point of The London Eye.

We arrived at the London Eye pretty much dead on the time David H said we would finish and everyone started to say their goodbyes and make their way home.

Me and the legend headed down towards Waterloo Underground where it was warm and onwards back to "The HiVE"

Once again I'd like to thank the ride leaders, Jenny "Mile Monster" H & David "The Guide" P for organising, leading and keeping everyone safe. For everyone that attended it wouldn't be an awesome LBC Ride as always.

till the next ride, bee safe.....