Saturday 26 January 2013

The Battle of the Folding Pedal

Today was the start of a battle of EPIC proportions.

I didn't know who or what would survive the battle.

Who would blog about this EPIC battle between man and inanimate object.

After getting the MKS Lambda Wide Platform pedals I set about installing them on "The Legend"
All went well replacing the NON folding pedal but then the battle hadn't even began. Then came the Brompton Folding Pedal

2012 Brompton Folding Pedal
There is only one way to take of a 2012 Brompton Folding pedal and that was with an Allen key type deal in the hole in the above photo. I had already changed the folding pedal once before thinking that it would be simple as last time as it took me all of 5 minutes to change them over (Mistake). There was even a LBC Ride planned for today and thought I would have been able to change the pedals over and have a nice long club ride to test the MKS Wide Platform pedals properly. What a mistake that was.....

First of my crappy Allen keys wouldn't get it off, I tried everything I could think of. Brute force didn't work, WD40 didn't work to free up the stubborn sod either. Spend a good 2 hrs trying to get it to move but nothing.

Folding Pedal: 1 - Human: 0

There is a little bicycle workshop just down the road from me so I took it there to see what he could do. Nope nothing, he had a bigger Allen key type deal to try to get it off but once again the stubborn pedal wouldn't move. Cheeky monkey said he had a crank arm that he could put on for £10 but not a Brompton one. I turned his offer down

Folding Pedal: 2 - Humans: 0

This was starting to get silly now and it was time to bring out the BIG GUNS.
I packed up the new pedal and headed down to Londonfields Cycles, E9 and I was pretty much close to tears when entering the cycle shop. Luckily their main Brompton Engineer was on hand and I told him of my EPIC battle, his voice was calming and a great relief when he said he'd get it off and install the new pedal for me on the spot.

Five minutes later, the EPIC battle was over. I looked though the workshop window and saw the folding pedal come off. A wave of warm relief flowed across my body, mind and soul like the warm sea waves on a Caribbean beach as I knew soon that this day would not have been a wasted, soon I would be riding "The Legend"

I was told that the old pedal didn't  have any grease in the threads of the bolt which would have made sure the pedal wouldn't lock in like it did. (My mistake as I installed the folding pedal awhile back and put it on "dry" no grease or any type of lube to stop it from locking up)

I asked him "Whats the damage!?"

He just said for something like this no charge.

I nearly burst out crying & also resisted giving him a big hug >:P

Finally the great battle of the folding pedal was over and I could now enjoy the MKS Wide Platform Pedals and pedal into the nice sunny winter's day with "The Legend!".
I had ALOT of frustration to get off my mind at this point so I went to Victoria Park, E9 just down the road and burned up the park with some solid hardcore training.

Humans WIN!


  1. Not so much a legend ad learner then....

  2. I did chuckle when I read of your strife; not at you but at the situation. I have been there many a time with motorcycles but have yet to take anything off and replace with something else on my Brompton though I have been lucky with other cycles. Oh come to think of it, when I was borrowing a Brompton from work last year, I took the saddle off and the Pentaclip "exploded" all over my garage floor. That was a job and a half to work out where all the washers went. Your pedals look awesome and I know what you mean about feet slipping on the standard pedals. You seem to be blessed with all sorts of helpful cycle shops near where you live. I guess that's one of the benefits of living in London. I just have to travel a bit further down here in Hampshire.

    1. ouchy on the exploding Pentaclip but glad you managed to get it back together after.

      Since cycling has exploded in London they are busy and loving it.