Saturday 1 July 2017

Water Bottle solution by Monkii

After the Rapha Nocturne 2017 event last weekend I was contacted by who have been a fan of the legend for awhile.

They asked if I would do a review on their Monkii Clip and Monkii V Cage.

Monkii V Cages
From what I can tell it looks like the Monkii Clip has had a design update.

The clip itself is pretty simple design and even simpler to attach to the handle bar stem of your Brompton.
Monkii Clip
The clip has rubber pads to protect the paint work of the stem and allen key bolts to tighten so its very secure once installed. I would still put some tape protection on the stem anyway as you can never have too much protection on the paint work for the legend.

Now the actual cage itself that can hold different sizes of bottles cause of the velcro and rubber grip. When the bottle is in its pretty hard for it to fall out, so pretty damn secure.

Monkii Cage
Monkii Cage
I got to say I'm liking this Monkii system for holding the water bottle, its solid and I have yet to hear of the bottle popping out as I know a few of my cycling buddies also have this system.

monkii clip B – Brompton – For monkii cage, monkii mono, or monkii V wedge £17.95

monkii V cage bicycle bottle cage (Black, Bright Pink, White, Purple) £17.95

monkii cage bicycle bottle cage (Orange, Black, Pink, Pea Green, White) £17.95

Thanks to for sending me the Monkii system for me to review, I also hear that they are very big fans of the legend. Well who isn't? :D

till the next ride, bee safe.....