Friday 20 December 2019

Review: Touch Down Wireless Charger

I've been looking for a wireless charging station as iPhone 8+ can also use wireless charging so no more need for cables which somehow always break and die on me after afew months.

Ever since I went to the Apple Store a couple months ago to get my screen replaced after I dropped my iPhone while trying to get a selfie while cycling. Yeah I know what a dumb ass but I was cycling in a park so not like i was riding on the streets. Anyways when I went to the Apple Store I saw they had upright wireless chargers. I had bought a flat wireless charger but was sometimes tricky to get the phone in the right position to get it to charge consistently.

I had always on my mind to find something similar but never found it til today. I went there looking for the normal pre Christmas shop, low and behold there was the Mounted Leather Charger - Business Edition - Black from Touchdown Charging.

Touch Down Wireless Charger
 - Charging: 5w, 7.5w
- Input: Micro USB (Cable included)
- Compatibility: All Qi compatible devices Check your device
- Positioning: Dual coil technology, rest your phone on up right or on its side
- Angel: 52% angle for the perfect viewing experience
- Functions: Sensory device detection
- Material: Premium Pu leather finish
- Extras: Non slip rubber feet
 Available in; Black or White 
Touch Down Wireless Charger & iPhone 8+
Touch Down Wireless Charger & iPhone 8+ 
Touch Down Wireless Charger & iPhone 8+
As you can see it fits my iPhone easily & still very usable when on your desk. Can still be charging when phone is in landscape mode and still charges though my case. Word of warning though don't have any magnetic cards between the charger and the phone as it could corrupt the data on those cards.+

till the next ride, bee safe.....

Thursday 12 December 2019

More legendary upgrades?

So a few months ago I got contacted by Laurel over at BrommieMods

BrommieMods is a website where you can get Coloured Metal Chainguards And Mudguards / Fenders For Brompton and even arrange complete resprays of your beloved Brompton.

Brommiemods is a small business taking over production and supply of Brompton metal chainguards from Tiller Cycles. It was Graham at Tiller cycles who first invented the metal chain guards and mudguards that are so superior to plastic in both looks and durability. He took it upon himself to manufacture them in his workshop and sell to the Brommie masses. On his retirement, we at Brommiemods are continuing and expanding on his good work. Order your Brompton-compatible chain and/or mudguard with 100% confidence. Satisfaction guaranteed!  

I've had one of Graham's yellow chain guards for yrs.

Anyways I've been using the original Brompton mudguards and over the years I have gone though a few sets of the plastic ones. When BrommieMods contacted me about some new ideas and processes they have undergone with the metal mudguards we had to get something worked out for the legend.

I also had the idea of painting the mudguard stays but BrommieMods had already done something like this  already with a CPT3 project. I still had a spare set of mudguard stays so sent those off to get painted at the same time as the new metal mudguards.

I've had the metal mudguards and stays for a good few months now and ridden in all weathers and conditions. They are TOUGH. I won't getting replacement ones unless I want different colours or something with these puppies.

There are a couple more small upgrades that I haven’t had the chance to install yet but most people wouldn’t even notice unless I pointed them out which I always do when people ask what new with the legend.

As I have said you can approach BrommieMods with any ideas you have and they will see what they can do you get your Brompton PERFECT.

SPOILER: I did get a discount but this in no way changes how I review goods or services. You get honest straight up reviews in my blog ALWAYS!!!

Here is a link to BrommieMods

till the next ride, bee safe.....

Thursday 24 October 2019

#EGX2019 My first gaming convention

So I heard about this Gaming Show from a fellow streamer on twitch and though this would be a good opportunity to get into the gaming world and see whats out there.

"The UK's Biggest Gaming Event Everything you love about gaming all under one roof, EGX returns to London for 2019! Get down to the ExCeL Center on 17th - 20th October to play major unreleased blockbuster games, hundreds of incredible indie games and much more. What are you waiting for?"

So with an intro like that how could I not go. At the very least I could have some hands  on  a few things I have my eye on to make my gaming experiences more enjoyable.

Sp suited and booted I headed off. This time though I had to leave the legend behind as there probably wouldn't be anywhere to park him safely.

Arrived at the ExCEL exhibition halls and began the queuing process. I have to say I expected it to take a VERY long time but the line moved pretty damn quick. I guess the staff at these places been doing it for a long time and know how to get people moving.

Wasn't exactly sure what to expect, I've been to conventions before in the past but not so game/tech focused. I would at-least get my hands on some games & equipment in development. I've actually looking for  new gaming chair / driving / flight style cockpit

Managed to have a go in one of these GT Omega chairs. I have to say they ffelt pretty good and be looking even closer at these in time.

Came across the HTC VIVE van which I thought was pretty cool. Full standing VR in the back of a van with green screen so when you watch though a camera it looks like your totally in the game itself. Great for streaming and making videos.

While wondering around how could i know spot this glorious gaming chair? Its my exact colours and was actually up for a competition . Just take a selfie and tag it and I was in for a chance to win it.

I did like the little guy sitting and already had a friend of mine call dibs if I do win it :D

A match made in heaven

Cool headphone dude.

I didnt know but at this show there was a huge cosplay presence as well as a cosplay competition 

These predators where hunting at the show to. Pretty scary and pretty damn convincing too. More info here

I was tempted to buy these but I'm already pretty damn cool, well so i tell myself anyways :P

Wish I had as much energy as the Energiser Bunny.

Some serious looking custom hardware at this show to. Man I love this one with the yellow water cooling :)

This one looks a little like mine does with the yellow mesh on ;)

Ghostbusters slimmer getting in on the act.

This was my first ever computer the BBC Micro. Man I loved that thing and got me interested in computers.

Blast from the past :D

I'm always making new friends, this time though the bear wanted to come home with me to meet the rest of the Bee family :D

I wish I was sponsored by a even one of these companies, never know in future.

I thought I wasn't working today? :P ding ding

One of the main reason I came was to see if I could try out any car racing simulators that I could actually have at the HiVE. I tried the PlaySeat pictured below but found it extra hard to get in and out of the seat as its pretty low.

I already have a wheel stand from GT Racing that is modular which I'm trying to get more information on as I see they have a racing seat addition & also an experimental flight stick add on which would set me right up for all the games I play.

I wanted to try out some VR games but as you'd expect the lines where pretty long so I didn't bother but people been saying that the new Avengers game is pretty damn good so maybe I'll get that in time

Well that was my first gaming event. Was alot of fun and EGX2019 was pretty good and i will be back again next year.

till the next ride, bee safe.....

Monday 23 September 2019

London CarFreeDay 2019

So today was #LondonCarFree Day in London, with this in mind Brompton Junction organised a ride with the London Brompton Club. I had checked the weather and it was going to be a bit of a rainy day sop made sure I dressed accordingly for a wet ride.

I knew this wasn't going to be a long ride at the event itself so decided to get some miles in by riding to Kings Cross, the meeting point.

Once I arriving I met up with a few other Brompton riders that where new to me and the legend and I said hi as always. Not long after ChrisB my partner in crime Mr.Orange and finally "The Mile Monster" herself Jenny

We was all in good spirits the weather. It was warm but rained on and off we would find though out the day.

Brompton themselves had organised a local coffee house where we could get free coffees. So after visiting the Brompton stand we all went to the coffee house to refuel abit.

I ordered up myself a pancake with bacon &hot chocolate with ice cream, which I wasn't sure about at first but after the first taste I was converted. 

Pancakes with Bacnon
Hot Chocolate with ice cream

After our little refuelling it was time to go for a ride around the circuit with the gang. I really must remember to take more photographs as I kinda got out of habit.

till the next ride, bee safe.....

Monday 19 August 2019

Legend goes to FantastiCon2019

Yeah this blog entry is pretty late on posting but its here and I will be trying to post more in future, anyway on with this post.

So we heard of FantastiCon though a few twitch streamers that I regularly watch and thought it would be fun for me and the legend to attend this event. I've always wanted to go to a gaming event and hopefully will be going to more in future.

I decided to cycle all the way from home to Kings Cross so started out early to make sure I didn't miss my train. While waiting I got myself this interesting Porridge from LEON. Porridge with banana and cinnamon. OMG

Banana & Cinnamon Porridge

On train ready to get off for Doncaster and the combination lock I got to make sure BBB wasn't going anywhere didn’t undo. Thought I got the numbers wrong and they so small I couldn’t see. Asked someone to check the numbers but it was right but lock didn’t unlock. Had to cut the teeth off that was stopping it from coming off and cut my finger alittle. Delayed the train a few mins but had to go next stop.

Because if that I had to go to the next station along the line, lucky it was only another 30mins to the next stop so I just crossed platforms and came back but by this time I was tired from the stress and straight up tired. Next time  plan to come the day BEFORE the event so I can travel, book into hotel and chill out and maybe cycle around alittle and take more photographs.

Cause of this I wasn't really feeling like taking photographs as I just wanted to get to check in &  Cleethorpes Leisure Center where FantastiCon and see what was going on and meet a couple of people. My hotel was about 5 miles from the center, so punched in the post code and off the legend and I went.

As always me and the legend catch peoples eye while we went, I dont think the people pf Grimsby have seen anything like us before which drew a few shout sand waves.

Finally met my Jedi Master in all things VR related as soon as o came though the front door of  the center Malic_VR on twitch. He like me isn't so good at these events, so pretty much just said hi as he was on his way somewhere. Maybe next time we could chat alittle and a photo next time, but I was happy to finally see him in the flesh.

There was plenty of drink on hand and I found this great cider called Bee Sting so had to try it out. Got to say it was pretty damn good.

While we was there I was taken around by the organiser of the whole event that really looked after me and I managed to have a go on the Oculus Quest. I have to say it was pretty nice and if I didnt already have the Rift S

One thing I didn't count on was finding this little treasure. It was hand made by one of the people that worked at Cleethorpes Leisure Center and its a work of art. Based on the TV show Peaky Blinders I'm assuming.

Attention to detail is amazing

Tobacco holder?

Whiskey holder

Well while I was going the town of Grimsby I did manage to take a few snap shots while we cycled around.

Well it was the last day of the event so me and the legend said our good byes and headed back to the HiVE back int he big smoke.

Will definitely be going again next year and hopefully without so much drama on the way up again.

till the next ride, bee safe.....