Friday 30 March 2012


PAD: 30th March 2012 by KrazyBee 

After finally liking my new O Bag I thought it was about time to properly bring it into the fold as it where.

Wednesday 28 March 2012

Brompton Monopoly - 1st April

Going to go on a little Brompton cycling event on the 1st April.

Brompton Monopoly. Where a bunch of fellow Brompton riders go around London visiting the same locations as on a Monopoly board. Going to be the first time in meeting some of the people and some are on my little London Brompton Club too. Of course there will be photos of the event by yours truly ;)

May even wear my T shirt but its a little small on me. Must remember to get XL next time :P

Also waiting for a few plain Tshirts to come so I can get printing some more and getting them out to a few members that have expressed interest.

Waiting at the busstop....

PAD: 27th March 2012 by KrazyBee

A Part of my multi-mode journey to and from work. Still have to get used to see the front block on the front hehe

Thursday 22 March 2012

A better 3rd wheel

I was near my work place yesterday and spoke with one of the Engineers and they could help me in making a better 3rd wheel on the back using the spare Rollerblade wheels I still have here. At the moment BumbleB isn't stable enough to wheel along without him falling over with the current set up.

I've seen a few photos of people adding more Rollerblade wheels to the rear mudguard where the 3rd wheel is, only thing I don't have the equipment at home to do it but work does ;)

So one slow day at work I maybe able to get one f the engineer's to help me out with this little project ;)

Mini O bag becomes a full blown O Bag :)

Was out cycling yesterday looking for a few items. Ended up going to a few places as it goes with a combination of buses and cycling. I passed though Walthamstow, Leyton, Hackney, Islington, Oxford Street, Marble Arch, Hyde Park Corner, Piccadilly. It was a good day for riding and I really enjoyed it. 
While i was out my fav bike shop London Fields Cycles called me to say they had the "Mini O" Bag back in stock and actually had one with my name on it ;)

Had a good look at the "Mini O" bag but it seemed very small up in person and abit stiff too. At the time they only had the "O Bag" in pink on display but after a little routing about in the back they came out with a black one and i fell in luv with it. I only meant to spend enough for the Mini O but the full blown O was perfect for my current and future needs as I saw them. Also with the black it would be easy for me to customise it to be more in-line with the rest of BumbleB at a later date ;)

Big enough to hold my big camera with lens, lunch & laptop if need be with enough compartments for other bits and bobs too. PLUS there are 2 detectable water bottle type bags that go ont he back as well for serious touring and drinking on the go.

Brompton O Bag (Front)

BRompton O Bag (Side)

Monday 19 March 2012

LBC T Shirts get the thumbs up for members

In my last post, I took a photo of a prototype t shirt I made up using the  logo I made for the facebook group London Brompton club.

I was a little worried about copyright issues so I got a friend that has a good contact within Brompton Bicycle Ltd to see if I could get the ok on the T shirts for members of the group as a few had been asking.

Got the ok from Brompton to go ahead with making T Shirts for the member's :) So watch out for more shots of the final design and prints.

Also heard that our contact (Hannah, Brompton's PR person) was a big help in this also going to spread word about her little club to the workers of Brompton too :)

Thursday 15 March 2012

Prototype T Shirts for Facebook group

As you can see I made up a T-Shirt today for my little club on facebook. Once word gets out in the group I'll probably get people asking for them :P

London Brompton Club

Monday 12 March 2012

Cycling video

A short video I did along the Hackney Canals,

enjoy xxx

Video Camera Rig

My Video Rig & Lumix TZ5

Photo test

Testing to see how photos come up on this blog

and so it begins....

Thought I would start a cycling blog on here. My adventures on my Brompton BumbleB... enjoy x