Thursday 24 January 2013

Snow in London

Well yesterday was the first time I had ridden in snow. Was pretty freaky at times but had to stick to the roads instead o the cycle paths I normally go on. Heavy traffic meant I still speeded on though. One of my neighbours that was heading to work called out to me as I speeded past. Was funny cause I speeded past, stopped to take this shot & then carried on to work and he was still sitting in traffic. Said he was impressed I was still riding in this weather.

Nothing stops "The Legend" these days it seems.... :P

PAD: 22nd January 2013
The Legend's first Snow
There is a LBC: Denham Double Dash (36miles return) planned for this Saturday, unless the weather really turns for the worst its going to go a head even if it does we'll probably going around Richmond Park a few times.

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