Saturday 12 January 2013

Time to get serious again.....

I've heard good things about these Altura Night Vision Waist Tights esp in cold temperatures so I went and ordered up a pair so I could keep cycling when its cold out. It came today and the temperature tonight dropped big time so there wasn't anything to do other than go out for a quick training run to test them out.
Altura Night Vision Waist Tights
  • Multi panel performance fit
  • Stretch thermal fabric
  • Critically positioned highly reflective trim
  • 2 layer stretch insert

Full Training Mode
I have to say I really like them, felt good and I felt like a real proper rider. Have to get used to putting them on as they are a tight fitting but they felt good. They came just in time for me to do some intensive training leading up to the IG London Nocturne 2013 next week....


  1. I started wearing tights this fall and am so impressed with how they are getting me through the colder weather, too. They're great to pedal in, too, which was a surprise.

    (Smashing laces, by the way!)

    1. yup,learning more and more about layering and proper cycling type clothing. I have to as I have a hell of alot of rides I'm planing on going on this year

      It's going be LEGENDARY