Monday 27 August 2012

Review: Garmin Edge 200 Cycle Computer

After seeing the awesome data about the BWC2012 from Mr.O's cycle computer I decided to look into getting myself a Garmin Edge 200 Cycle Computer

I didn't want anything too complex or expensive so the Edge 200 was perfect for my needs. I found out that Garmin was doing a £30 cash-back offer on the device. Basically send them proof of purchase and a photo of your old cycle comp and you get £30 cash-back in 28days. I looked on eBay to see if I could pick up one dirt cheap but after seeing how much they where going for there it was the same as buying from the shop and using the cash-back deal on offer. So atleast if I bought it from a shop I would have a full 1 yr guarantee.

Edge 200 Cashback form (Promotion ends: 31/08/2012, Claim must be received no later than 30/09/12)

I thought I'd use both my cycle computers at the same time to see if there was any difference. My old Cateye Velo Wireless Cycle Computer looks ALOT smaller than the Garmin Edge 200 but then the Garmin does a hell of alot more stuff.

Garmin Edge 200 & Cateye Velo Wireless Computers
Once I turned it on while outside the Garmin Edge 200 acquired GPS signal pretty quickly (20secs), if in built up areas it takes a little longer.
First off I found the display to be pretty good & clear and while riding I could see everything I needed to see without endangering myself or others. While cycling I could see that the speed indicators lagged slightly compared to the Cateye Velo but then again the Velo is getting it signal from the magnet on my front wheel which is about 60cm away compared to the Garmin Edge 200 which gets its signal from GPS satellites a few hundred miles away in earth orbit so I could forgive it for being a little lagged >:D
Even in a little traffic I encountered on a Bank Holiday morning I could hear the sounds of the Garmin whenever it was giving me a message mostly whenever I stopped/started or when it lost a signal a couple of times when going into abit of heavy forest.

I logged a couple of rides and found it to be easy to find the functions I needed to do this and even surprised with the breadcrumb function to follow if needed. Didn't actually try this out to see how good it would be to follow the breadcrumb map to a destination, maybe later when I get more used to it.

Got to Victoria Park in Hackney as I wanted to log a training loop around the park so I could use it later a course and use for more training in the future to see where I need improving etc.

Distance: 2.71 miles
Time: 14 mins
Average Speed: 11.2mph
Maximum Speed: 17.7mph
Calories: 159C

When I returned home I downloaded all the logs from my rides and loaded it up into the free Garmin Connect web site where you can view your cycling logs in detail and even overlay maps etc. Very interesting reading all the different stats.

I hope in time it will help me with my training to get even more fitter cause I'm meaning to do ALOT more cycling events as they come up either though London Brompton Club or whatever events I find out about on-line

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