Saturday 4 August 2012

Preparations & fittness for #BWC2012

The legend known as Bumble B over the next couple of weeks will be completely overhauled & looking awesome in time for the Brompton World Championships on the 19th

Current plan is:
Replace brake cables & pads if needed.
Clean & polish.
Firm suspension block
Touch up paint.
Black mudguard blades.(if available)

Just ordered the suspension block, 2012 pedals and touch up paint. Should be with me by Monday now so will spend some time doing those little bits on "The Legend". Hope fully get a chance to do some serious training on Tues, Wed at some point.

Another thing I have noticed over the last couple of weeks is my current fitness. When in the New Forest I was blasting all over the place as a few of the other riders commented. Having said that I actually looked at my commuting time home and was abit shocked. Normally I would be around 28-30 min mark but this week I have found that I'm regularly hitting the 26mins mark. Even when I do push it abit I'm not completely out of breath like I used to be and a few more people the last week have said I've lost more weight again.

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  1. BumbleBee:
    Looks like it's all coming along very well for you! That's great!!