Saturday 11 August 2012

ALMOST lost Block & #BWC2012

Going into work yesterday I almost lost my new FIRM suspension block. As others in LBC face book group have told me to watch it as some have worked themselves loose. Got to work and just as I'm putting Bumble B in his parking spot the block falls off. Found everything but the nut that holds everything.

Asked one of the engineers if they had a nut that would fit and the did so atleast I can get home on it. Made sure I tightened it up properly when I got in last night just to be sure.

Many people got an email from Brompton yesterday regarding the process of attending the Brompton World Championships. On the email it said the Marathon Race started at 08:40hrs which got me confused as the coach from the factory leaves London at the same time. I emailed Brompton and they said that if I want to get to the Marathon I'd have to make my own way there in time to do it :(

But on a happier note a good friend offered me a lift from London >:D Will see if there is anyway for me to get the money back for my coach ticket seeing I wont be needing it >:D

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