Tuesday 7 August 2012

Bumble B's Upgrade Time

Well I got a nice package from the awesome Brilliant Bikes recommended by another member of the LBC group.

I got a few items for Bumble B to make sure his in top shape for Brompton World Championships in less than 2 weeks >:D
FIRM suspension block
Been waiting to get a firmer suspension block ever since I got Bumble B but they where not available at the time. Glad Brompton listen to their customers so well >:)

Brompton 2012 Folding Pedal (L)
Also got the new up to date 2012 Folding pedal as my old one was always had a "crunching" feeling. I guess after all the riding I have been doing the bearings kinda got worn out. Took me awhile to get the old pedal off as I didn't have a 24mm socket head to get it off. Quick trip to local car tool shop and £2 and I got the right size which will probably only be used the once.
2012 Non-Folding Pedal (R)
I've had about 3 non folding pedals, the original Brompton one only lasted about 3 weeks before it bent all out of shape, then I got another 2 with in the first 6 months but where not Brompton ones just some cheap pedal the shop put on when it was in for its free services.

I couldn't stop giggling when I saw this on the receipt for the items I got from Brilliant Bikes
The human touch "Brilliant Bikes"
I also asked them about black mudguards and they said they would contact Brompton to see if they where going to sell them separately, next day they said they wasn't going to sell them till maybe next yr. I told Brilliant Bikes about my ideas for Bumble B and asked for me to send photos when I've finished.


  1. BumbleBee:
    I ordered my Brompton with the firm block.
    They work great. I am sure you will like yours too.
    Peace :)

    1. yup I'm luving the Firm block, I can feel everything