Sunday 12 August 2012

Intensive Training Session #BWC2012

Just finished some intensive training with my cycling buddy Mr. O. Damn it hurt bad but it's needed. The plan was to do Richmond Park circuit 2 times.

Yeahhhhh righttttt. 

I think we just about managed the once. Well I say we more like me as Mr. O just zoomed off a few times especially at them nasty hills. I'm no hill climber people.DAMN THEY HURT

But its good training cause then next time I go there or anything similar I can see if I've improved. Still need to increase my training in general anyways, cycling in my normal spots isnt really doing it. As riding the same places all the time doesn't really improve your fitness it just tops out and doesnt get any better unless you push it a little every time.

All in all I'm happy with my current fitness, its ALOT better than it used to be that's for sure and I'm feeling the benefits of it. Gonna try and do some more training this week when work allows me, also got to get in touch with work mate that said he could spray my mudguards for me. Should have got his number or atleast his name but that's classic me. Just know him by sight most of the time LOL

I just got small things to do before #BWC2012 in regards to the outfit and then its just cleaning Bumble B up and making sure everything is oiled and looking his VERY best. If I can't get the mudguards done in time I may just put them back on as they are.

Another good ride Mr. O, more in the future for sure but maybe a little flatter please, just saying >:P

Was thinking of cutting the grass, yeahhhhhhh rightttttt >:/

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