Friday 10 August 2012

Bumble B's Prep for #BWC2012

Well yesterday was eventful.

Was riding into work for the first time with the new pedals on and I was getting an odd feeling from the folding pedal. A "clicking" feeling and sound and I was thinking "oh crap I got a crappy pedal and will have to send it back for replacement" Anyways I thought hold on I didn't get to tighten it properly as I didn't have the right tools for the job so in my break at work I asked one of the Engineers if they had the right tool to tighten the pedal up. Being a fully functional Bus engineering department ofcourse they had the right tool for the job >.<

Also I got chatting with another driver and it turns out his abit of a spray paint guy, so I mentioned that I was going to do my mudguards in black and asked for some advise to get it really good and smooth looking. Turns out his re sprayed his motorbike that I'd even taken a pic of for my Photo-a-Day Project  (which you can follow on my Photography face book page) last month. He did the body work as well as the HULK himself >:D

PAD: 28th July 2012 by KrazyBee
Wicked Paint Job

Well he not only offered to do my mudguards for me as I was asking him how to get the finish mirror smooth like. So last night I took the mudguard blades off and washed them down.

Front mudguard stays still in place

Rear Mudguard stays in place
I have to say that Bumble B looks very different and kinda naked without the mudguard blades >:D

I'm evil cause I washed them in the sink and dried them off in the dish rack. I'm BAD ASS
Hopefully by next week I'll have wicked looking black mudguards, I think while my workmate is doing the mudguards I'll paint the mudguard stays black too ;)

p.s. I got an email from Brompton about what to do when I arrive at Blenheim Palace which has confused me abit. Seems that the Marathon is due to begin @ 08:40 in the morning but the coach from the factory which I'm getting leaves the Brompton Factory in London @ 08:40.
Emailed Brompton asking if there was a typo or something as I won't be there in time for the Marathon, unless Brompton have hired the TARDIS for the day >;)

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