Friday 17 August 2012

The final piece for Bumble B

Well had a little training ride with Mr.O this afternoon around Hyde Park, London. Was a awesome day out with the sun etc. Which kinda had us thinking that if the conditions for the Brompton World Championships are the same then we are going to be pretty damn hot before we have even cycled anywhere. So we discussed that we could have  a couple of outfits. As the Marathon has no dress code so I will bring a extra Tshirts and wear that. On the Championship race itself the dress code is "Sartorial elegance (not fancy dress)" which basically means shirt, blazer/jacket & Tie.

I'm actually thinking of not actually wearing the big item of my outfit til its start time of the Championship race to really burn the eyes out of the competition so I can win. >:P

Anyways enough of that now to Bumble B's final item which I've VERY VERY pleased about. I wanted basically everything on The Legend to either be black or yellow so I was thinking about painting my mudguard blades. Mentioned this to a work mate and he told me his done his motorbike and would do my mudguards for me if I supplied the materials. So I just picked up some Halfords car spray undercoat and black gloss paint and gave it all to him to work his magic a 3 days ago.....

From this....
Standard Brompton Mudguard Blades

He gave me back these.......

Glossy black Mudguards >:D
I was completely gob-smacked by his work. 

Seriously woop woop >:D

Already told him that when I get the chance his gonna re spray my helmet and put on black and yellow stripes. Abit too late for #BWC2012 but there will be other events.

They are still a little "tacky" so I won't install them on The Legend till tomorrow as I don't wanna scratch them. All I need to do is put some wax and buff it out again and they will look even better than this. 

But come on, SEXY or WHAT??????


  1. Sweet! Good luck at the BWC! I'm jealous... hopefully I'll be able to meet some of you there in future years!