Saturday 18 August 2012

We're ready for #BWC2012, are you?

Well today as been a busy one for me and "The Legend." Spend ALL morning cleaning, oiling and installing the freshly painted black mudguards which look VERY sweet on him. Then I almost forgot I still had a couple of little things I wanted to get for myself to wear to finish off my outfit completely.

I never knew how hard it is to get a plain yellow short sleeve shirt before but I found out today. Got something similar but I wanted a black shirt and a yellow shirts so I could take both with me. Got the black easy enough but yellow, damn that are hard to find. Always got some design on it or something but I just wanted PLAIN yellow.

Anyways after I finished "The Legend" this morning I took him out to the back garden and did a little photoshoot with him.


A Legend is born
Wicked Sprayed Black Mudguards >:D

Wicked Sprayed Black Mudguards >:D
Updated the LBC Logo >:D

Just so no one makes a mistake about his name >:D
Ok a few mins ago I put on ALL of my outfit for the BWC2012.




I nearly burnt my eyes out, I even took a few pics just to see if it was really that bad. 

IT IS !! >:D

Well everything is done, cant do anything more to myself or "The Legend" so I can now relax in this roasting hot day. Even having on my jacket for a few mins to see the outfit was abit much, if the weather is like this tomorrow its gonna be murder.

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