Thursday 16 August 2012

Bumble B Cleaning Stage 1: Complete

Well just finished the 1st stage of cleaning "The Legend" basically getting the main bulk of the grease and crap off.  Currently my work mate has the mudguards and is spraying them black for me.

I got the Bottle KlicKfit so I can mount a bottle cage (Bottle Cage & FREE bottle from London Fields Cycles) on Bumble B but also be able to take it off whenever I like. I've even seen you can mount other things like maps or GPS devices on to it as well. Will do a review of the new bits once I've actually had a ride as the last couple of days I haven't been out on him which feels kinda weird.

Bottle KlicKfit, Bottle Cage & Free Bottle >:)
Some point tomorrow probably after my training ride with Mr.O I'll take Bumble B's wheels off as that's the only way to really clean and oil them properly I have found. Also the chain which even though its yellow looks black now. Other than that we're both basically ready for Brompton World Championships on Sunday.

Be doing a little redesign of Bumble B's logo on the main frame to try and get this blog url in & also got some little business type cards printed to. Details of this blog and the facebook group are on it so will be much easier to get more folks reading the group and about "The Legend..."

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