Saturday 21 July 2012

Event: The Olympic Torch Relay in East London

Today the Olympic Torch Relay came though my local area. So me and Bumble B decided to see if we could pick out a good spot and get some shots.

They closed off the High Road and the crowds where starting to mill about waiting for the torch to arrive

Steel Band
 Steel band outside the church playing some tunes.
Steel Band outside my mum's church.

Growing crowds
The torch isn't too far away so the crowds started to get abit bigger. I figured I'd find a better spot where there wasn't too many people around so I could get a decent enough shot when it did come by.
The Brompton Bumble B

Stilt Walkers
Came across these 2 characters just had to stop and grab a shot. Of course they luved my Brompton >:D
What do you call a gang of Stilt Walkers?

Who says the Olympics is too commercial ? Never LOL >:|

Now finally the Torch Bearer herself

As the whole thing past me by I found a whole load of cyclist at the very end and tagged along. The whole thing was going towards my house anyways so why not. Found a couple of other Brompton riders and they knew of me and the London Brompton Group on facebook >:)

The Torch was ending its trip in Waltham Forest Town Hall which is  right next to my house. I was just about to leave when this nice lady asked if she could take a picture of me and my Brompton friends which we said sure then I got her to take a photo with me and my new LBC members >:D Hopefully at some point I'll get the photo that she got hugging me hugging her ;)