Sunday 15 July 2012

Event: The Brompton Factory Ride & Open Day 2012: The Holy Grail...

The planets have aligned, the stars are shinning at their brightness, the gods bow their heads in respect and all eyes turn and focus on one single point in space and time....

The Brompton Factory.

To say I have been looking forward to this moment is an UNDERSTATEMENT to say the least. The holy grail for ALL serious Brompton owners is knowing that YOUR B, yes your very own Brompton bike was born in this almost understated factory in South West London.

You can cut the excitement with a knife.
I was in the first group (with my bud OrangeBrompton ofcourse) to go into the hallowed grounds, with  Brompton Staff guides who I have to say where VERY good and patient with us crazy pilgrims and cant thank them enough for their time and effort in putting together this event. Other companies TAKE NOTE!!!

I'm tearing up at this point.
Stepping on the hallowed ground I felt a change in energy, its hard to put your finger on it but you know your entering something quiet unique when entering a place like this.

Behold, this is where the magic happens...
Many boxes of parts of Bromptons all in order & in stacks ready for the the next stages of the process to make a completed bike. Not as noisy as I thought it would be being a factory.
Brazed Main tubes ready to be shipped for painting in Wales
What amazed me was the quality of the work, the quality controls they go though to make sure that VERY part is perfect before it even goes on to the next process is ASTONISHING.

Another stage in the process
Brompton Staff: A Very patient guide
Again our guides where very patient with us answering any questions we had and giving us a few scoops of the next updates on Bromptons that are coming though. Found out the 2013 model will be coming out at around November time with a few design improvements which include:
  • Better designed folding pedal
  • Tougher non folding pedal
  • Improved hand grips
  • Redesigned Brake Levers

Each brazier stamps each of the bikes they have worked on with their own letter. Want to thank him for being patient with us and hope we didn't distract him too much from his work >:)

A true artist at work if your Brompton has an "X" stamped on it, he has personally worked on the welds
The small spares section

Another hard working employee

How could I NOT take photos of YELLOW parts

These guys look VERY happy WOOP WOOP >:D
A bunch of front wheels ready to be assembled on bikes
I noticed that the rear cogs have changed, seems now the new version have a chrome like finish compared to the matt black. I noticed this cause I had just changed my rear wheel cog 2 days earlier
6 gear Sternly Archer hub

Remind me of some bird or Flamingo
Folded bikes ready for packaging

Making sure everything is aligned.

Another close up of the chrome finishing on the rear wheel hub
A close up view of the new "H" type handle bars for the taller rider
Another member of the Brompton Staff taking us though the process of assembly

Newly designed fold up pedal with Brompton logo

Finished product ready to be packed and shipped
All packed up and ready to go, maybe inside one is yours?
iCrazyBee woz here

More photo ops on the Hallowed grounds

Brompton Bumble B & friends >:)

Bumble B's bell is happy too

Had to try and get in the shot myself too >:P
 Well it was an awesome day but it had to end I'm afraid and yes I do want another Brompton but I wont be getting one for a long time yet and I'm VERY happy with my buddy as is so don't worry Bumble B your still my boy.

I'd like to thank everyone that was at this awesome event, the riders, the families, the Brompton staff, the cooks, steel band and the memebers of the LBC old & new which have joined since the event and anyone that has joined my little blog.....

Happy riding and see you at the next event and definitely see any of you at the Brompton world Championships in August...

Much luv


  1. Thanks for sharing with us! Appreciate the virtual tour of the Brompton factory!

    1. no problem, still getting used to this blogging system so sry if its take awhile for your comments to show up

  2. Hi Bumble,
    What a great report with awesome photos!
    Peace :)

    PS. Is there a BumbleBee helmet in the works?

    1. Well I have a couple of ideas other than doing the stripes better and maybe some antennas if I can find the right thing to make it with >:)