Sunday 22 July 2012

Event: Impromptu LBC Training Ride

Late last night Mr. O suggested a Impromptu Training Ride in Central London. I was already thinking about a central London ride as the weather over the last few days seemed to have settled to finally being summer. I readily agreed to the idea and posted up a very quick posted a London Brompton Club Event, just incase anyone else in the area felt like tagging along.

Very quickly we had another 2 members wanting to join in Amanda & Leo. So with that in mind I suggested a 09:00hrs start (which in hindsight could have been earlier as the park got pretty busy by about 10ish).

Woke up bright and early with an exciting day ahead of me, ALWAYS luv meeting up with my now official cycle buddy Mr. O and meeting other member's of the London Brompton Club. I think I may have met Amanda before but Leo was a first.

Looked out of the window and we couldn't have asked for better weather, bright sunshine, slight breeze and cool temps. Made sure I had a good breakfast of cornflakes and a cuppa T. Made a couple of jammy rolls, water and a couple of seed snacks packed in 1 of my O bag's little bottle bag that comes with the main bag (very good for just having small things to carry). Also took my hay-fever pill as from past experience anytime its been raining alot then sunshine the pollen count will be pretty high. Made sure my cameras where all mounted, charged and secured. Was packing light as its supposed to be a training ride so didn't want to be loaded down.

I set off around 08:00hrs thinking I was going to be abit late to the meeting point @ Piccadilly Circus but thought that if I was going to be late I could jump on a bus when I got into Hackney. Well I didn't need to worry as I felt very energized (maybe cause I was meeting my fellow folders or the corn flakes I dunno which) but I just kept on peddling. I had a little "discussion" which a people carrier near the Angel where he just suddenly changed lanes on me without looking. I made sure I pointed out that he had mirrors and should have used them properly (Not in those words but you get the picture >;) )
Well that didn't kill my "BUZZ" (get it, buzz, Brompton Bumble B, eh eh?) and kept on coming. Got to Piccadilly Circus about 08:50 which surprised the hell outta me. Walthamstow to Piccadilly Circus in 50 mins on my Bumble B WITHOUT stopping or taking other means of transport *faints*

Waited at Eros at Piccadilly Circus and waiting for about 5 mins then Amanda turned up on "Belinda" with a BIG smile (The Bumble B Effect). We chatted abit and found out this was Amanda's first ride on "Belinda" since having a little accident and both just recovering/repaired. Not long afterwards Mr. O & Leo turned up. Had a good little look over our B's checking out any mods we had done, I even tested to see how much lighter Mr. O's raw lacquer was compared to Bumble B. We waited for about 10mins as we wasn't sure if anyone else said they could make it but a quick check on the events told us that everyone that said they would come was here. Quickly descided to head to Hyde Park to do some training circuits so heading off down The Mall towards Hyde Park corner.
Mr.O (S2L, Raw Lacquer)

Ms. O (Belinda M6R) & Mr.C (Customised S6L) in the background.
A couple of over the shoulder shots while we went past Green Park Station ( I seem to be good at these over the shoulder shots while riding) Remember folks, I'm DEADLY a camera >:)

While passing the Bomber Command War Memorial we thought it would be a good photo op for our B's and to pay some respects to the fallen.

Our Bromptons visiting the Bomber Command War Memorial that was opened a couple of months ago by The Queen.
From L to R: Mr.O's Raw Lacquer (S2L), Mr.B's Bumble B (M3L),Mr.C's (S6L)  Ms. O's Belinda (M6R)

Thank You gentleman for your bravery for our country
Off now to Hyde Park going though the Arch

Hyde Park Arch

My LBC posse crossing the road
Just as we entered Hyde Park we spotted "The Charging of the Guard". We had to stop for a quick photo ofcourse Ms. O had to stop (men in uniform and all that >;))
Changing of the Guard

Men in Uniform
Cycling around Hyde Park we had good little time for awhile, going around for training. The park wasn't to busy at first but as the morning went on it got busier with tourist etc. Can't really blame them as it was turning out to be a perfect day.
Kensington Palace
I never knew that Kensington Palace was so close, I always thought it was out in the country somewhere. Learn something everyday eh. Must return here again with my other Big dSLR & my Infra Red dSLR.
Very cool looking if not practical water fountain in Hyde Park
After awhile Ms.O called it a day as she was still recovering. Hope you get better soon Amanda.
Me & the guys went on for a little while longer, I saw how unfit I was compared to the others but gave me something to aim for but I kept going as best I could. I think we did 1 more circuit, me and Leo called it a day too. I noticed quiet early on that Leo had a sound coming from his B which we wasn't too sure about but seeing we was heading in the same direction home we thought we'd stop off at a the Evans Bikes near Oxford Circus to see if there was anything they could do.

Friendly mechanic checking  Leo B's Hub thinking the problem maybe the hub & adjusted the gear chain abit

Leo (S6L) getting checked by great Evans Cycle Oxford Street Engineer

Bumble B was a good shape as I keep him pretty well maintained myself. While at the Oxford Street branch I asked about the Brompton Pedals which they had and I was just about to buy them and then remembered I left my wallet at home to save weight as I didn't really think I was going to be spending any money. Leo kindly offered to let me use this LCC discount card but I didn't have enough cash on me anyways. I may buy them on-line anyways this week
Brompton Bumble B taking a little rest in Evans Bikes Oxford Street.
We then rode down to the Evans Bikes in Holborn & one of the staff had a little ride and then checked the rear mudguard supports. Turned out that one of the supports had been bent in a little and was rubbing on the wheel when riding. I should have known cause I've had the same problem with my mudguard supports in the past. Sometimes its the simple things eh, now Leo's B was silent.

We decided to ride homeward and when we got around Angel, Islington we remembered to head down along Regent Canal. About half way down we came to Leo's area and said our goodbyes. I kept going and headed home to East London.

A damn good ride & as always good to meet fellow Brompton owners. Got to do it again real soon and try to get more if possible. Last minute I know but still good. Got the Inaugural LBC Bike Ride next Sunday in the New Forest which should be pretty good, hope the weather holds and not too muddy.

My Ride Stats for the whole day (Riding from home, doing circuits, riding back) according to my cycle computer

Time: 3hrs 12 mins
Distance: 31.61 miles
Average Speed: 9.8mph
Max Speed: 22mph

Remembered to make sure I had a good cool down and shower when I got home. No "Cramp Dance" this time, sorry folks >:P


  1. The speed statistics are comforting for a slower rider such as I.
    I like the photos.
    Good going, BumbleB!
    Peace :)

    1. hehe yeah I'm abit of a slow rider too but waiting for my fitness to improve so those should raise in time >:)