Thursday 12 July 2012

Cycling Mitts & upgrades.....

Found these cool yellow cycling mitts, they will go well with my outfit for the BWC 2012 in August I think. I may send them back to get the next size up as they are a little tight :/ Tenn Fingerless Cycling Gloves/Mitts

Made a new banner/blog graphic. Now sporting all the new upgrades I've been doing the last few weeks. Old headlight (Thanks Mick) which I re wired and upgraded to LED bulb instead of Halogen, much brighter.
New & improved Bumble B Logo, and the latest addition a new rear light (Cateye Reflex Auto Bicycle Tail Light )that turns on by itself when it senses movement & darkness. Pretty bright sucker too, May try and do a night time video at some point to.

Next on the upgrade list is the replacing my chain with a yellow one I got a few weeks back and the rear chain cog. Should be able to do all that tomorrow with plenty of time before the top secret Brompton Ride & Factory Tour on Saturday. Can't wait :P

1 comment:

  1. Neato! Can't wait to read your report after the "big ride".
    Peace -> Bumble Bee :)