Monday 30 July 2012

LBC Club Ride: Bumble B's Report (1/2)

The dawn of a new age.
People said it couldn't be done, SHOULDN'T be done but we are Brompton Riders, we do what people only dream about. We take our small wheeled buddies and take on ALL comers, big or small & we just keep on pedalling on....

The memebers of the London Brompton Club take on...........

The New Forest !

Ok enough of that, getting abit carried away there >:D

Woke up bright and early all excited and having no idea what was in store for me and "The Legend..." I knew he was ready but was I, time will tell.
Got myself all fuelled up ready to go and checked on the weather. It looked to say that there would be "PM Showers" so packed my heavy waterproofs and took a couple of backup "Ponchos" someone managed to acquire for me the day before (thanks mom). Ever since the Brompton Factory Ride & Open Day 2 weeks ago when the Brompton people provided them for a few that didn't have waterproofs on that VERY rainy ride (well to start with anyways).

Cameras all packed up, water-bottle filled, few snacks and ready to ride the hell out of the New Forest. Cycled to my local station and jumped on the train which just so happened to be one of the main routes to the Olympic Games sites. Abit of a large crowd for a Sunday morning but me and Bumble B got on the first train without much fuss. A few giggles along the way as the "Bumble B Effect" was in full force with me in my black & yellow striped socks and matching yellow cycling gloves & ofcourse Bumble B.

I was running a little late as I normally like to get to places early so I can relax and chill out but got to Waterloo Station with about 10mins to spare. There where 2 other LBC members (Alan Bailes & Geoff Snell, hope I got that right) that where coming on the same train as me as far as I knew. Entering Waterloo I got my tickets & began the easy search of finding the LBC Posse which was pretty easy as they would have Bromptons (ofcourse) & I knew one had one of my Tshirts. Finding my travelling partners we said our hellos and made abit of small talk. Almost missed our train due to grinding coffee beans and folding our bikes in a hurry which always doesn't work and end up with a Brompton undoing itself while getting on the train. Finally got on the train and found a nice big area for us & our B's to relax.

The Legend himself Brompton Bumble B

My Brompton buddies for the day

Liking this travelling by train business

A stop before Brockenhurst BR Station the heavens opened up and I thought

"Oh crap, we're gonna get a little wet"

But after 5 mins of heavy rain it stopped, seemed the cloud was dumping its rain just on that station cause as soon as the train started moving again the rain stopped (Thanks Big Man).

Arriving at Brockenhurst BR Station, we were greeted by big smiles from Mick & another LBC memeber. Hand shakes and hellos then we moved to the main meeting point in the carpark. I have to say that the area around the station is pretty geared up for cyclist as there are places for you to rent, repair bikes right next to the station and we saw alot of other bikes & families on bikes getting ready for a day of cycling in the New Forest.

As always as Brompton owners we kinda checked out each others bike see what additions we had made. A few mental notes added to my list of upgrades >:D

Once everyone that was coming arrived we all got a short briefing on what we was going to do as well as a handy little hand out with a map and places of note (VERY professional Mick) I had sorted the weather with "The Big Man" and it was turning out pretty nice and sunny but not too hot, perfect cycling weather.

So with Mick leading us we was on the road. Nice slow pace to make sure everyone was together and getting warmed up.

Enjoying the sun

Quiet country roads
Cattle grid (think I lost a couple of fillings on this one)
Single file please >:)

Gotta luv the t shirts
For a little while we was riding in the forest so it was very shady but then it really opened up to this....

The Wide open spaces
I mean look at that WIDE OPEN SPACE. Glad the sun wasn't too hot as I think some would have been pretty sunburnt but it was lovely and the wind wasn't too bad either.

First check point
The start of the bad jokes >:D
We pulled over at this spot where there are wild horses running about all over the place. Mick had a little talk about the area saying it had a role in the D Day landings during WWII.

Off on the road again at some point we made what Mick describes as a "Planned Detour" and his sticking with that story but I think we was just lost. But I can think of worse places to be lost in.

"Planned Detour"
As I always say if in doubt get the sat nav out

Garwin 800 Bicycle SatNav
I have to say the little look at had at this badboy satnav, I may just have to look into getting myself one at a later date esp if I'm goign to be cycling alot more and maybe even cycling further afield. You can even download maps and cycling routes all over the world for rest as well as log your own rides and post them on-line. I'm always afraid of battery drainage but from what I've been told they are pretty good on the power front.

Mick you have got the map the right way round right?

Trying to get some signal, these youngers eh? >:P
We finally figured out that we went passed a turning somewhere so went back along where we came.

Owning the Road
My Bumble B socks, just too freaking cool

My boy doing what he does best

Didn't know we was going near the coast

The Isle of Wright in the distance
We arrived on the coast where there was a great beach cafe for some lunch. I had an awesome Bakewell tart freshly made etc too, yum yum wanted seconds but thought better of it as we still had alot of riding and a few hills to do.
Lovely cafe (check the initials LBC Shop)

After lunch we all rested a little and I had a closer look at the Bromptons.
Good use of old cuff links

Liking this half link chain, keeps its colour better than mine

After lunch Mick had a little surprise competition for us all. A "Fold Off" who could fold and unfold their Bromptons the fastest won a prize.

Go go go....

Oh bugger I forgot to take off the GoPro Camera clamp off my seat post so couldn't complete the fold :(

and here is the winner and prize

The winner of the "GOLDEN" saddle

Seeing it was Bumble B's first time at the beach i couldn't resist getting abit of sand on his wheels

Bumble B at the beach
In the car park I spotted this awesome looking yellow and black van, how could I know take a quick pic of me, Bumble B with our 4 wheeled cousin.

Deadlier sting that Bumble B
Just a little wind swept

Seal of Approval

A Seagull riding the coast winds
 As always with the Brompton, people are always interested in how they work, fold and how easy to ride they are. One of our member's giving a short talk about the gearings to the staff at Lepe Country Park
We should get commission sometimes >:)

Small lighthouse on the way from the beach

End of Part 1


  1. Ace report, Bumble B. Terrific photos!

  2. I don't know how you do those rides on such small wheels! I have a full-sized folding bike, a Montague bike that I've been just about everywhere with, it's got 26" wheels.