Wednesday 11 July 2012

Brompton Factory Ride & Open Day

Got an email yesterday afternoon and I got a free spot on the BRompton Factory ride & Open day woop woop :)

I'm going to see Bumble B's birthplace :) woop woop I'm almost crying this morning. I thought I was going to be all depressed and moody over the weekend but this has just made it the best ever. Dunno how i didnt see the email though as it was sent yesterday afternoon according to the header.

Expect a full report, pics and maybe video of the event soon :) woop woop

Now I got a few days to make sure Bumble B is all nice and clean and looking his best for the big day. Pity I cant do the same for myself but atleast one of us will be looking tip top and sharp ;)


  1. Yes, I am counting the days or this one. I don't even care if it pours down the whole day. Should be good.

    1. We are used to down pours after that all night event :P Will be packing full set of waterproofs though for me & the GoPro :P