Sunday 15 July 2012

Event: The Brompton Factory Ride & Open Day 2012

I didn't get much sleep. The reason why is that I was going to my Bumble B's birth place. Going back to where life began for my little buddy, the beginning of the story.....

Having got the location of the top secret meeting point Richmond Park. Knowing that the Victoria Line was closed for the day I made sure I planned ahead to see how I could to get there.
Woke up about 2 hrs before my alarm went off, me excited much? narrrr not me >:D *does a jig*

First things first looking out of my bedroom window I saw it had been raining for most of the night but looked to be clearing abit as I set off from home. Just as I got to the station closest to the meeting point it started to rain, not light rain but HEAVY RAIN. Oh great but no worries I had prepared myself by having my ageing waterproofs so quickly whipped those on before leaving the station.

Made it to the meeting point and I think I may have been the first few there, the green was deserted, just a few hardcore runners & dog walkers here and there. Well I was 1 hour early, I didn't know I would get there so early but found some very nice big trees to shelter under.

Brompton Bumble B looking bad ass as always >:) thats my boy

Slowly but surely a few Bromptons started to turn up, everyone with waterproofs of some kind, us Brompton riders always come prepared for any type of weather I've noticed.

Can you tell I'm happy >:D
Me in my aging waterproofs, (gotta look into getting some black & yellow ones i think ;) ) but just before we left the Brompton staff came out with clear plastic Ponchos, so me and OrangeBrompton whipped off our waterproofs for the actually pretty good ponchos which enabled us to show off our LBC t shirts ofcourse
Note to self must get a few to put in bag for emergencies.

Impressed with  my matching black and yellow socks eh?, he was >:D

Once we all got signed in and labelled we started to head off for our ride though Richmond park, just after we got into the entrance Cycle_aka_Bob asked if it was possible for a big group shot of us all & gave me the honour of official photographer for this bit.

All happy cause we didn't know we is going up a few BIG hills in Richmond Park
You know why they are all smiling cause they all have BROMPTONSSSSSSSS :)

Now it was time for the actually ride. I've never ridden in Richmond Park so I didn't know what to expect. Got chatting with a few riders from all different walks of life. One gentleman was a lecturer doing a paper on social networks if I remember correctly. Me and OrangeBrompton talked about a few of our adventures we've had together.
A few riders ofcourse recognized Bumble B (He is a crowd puller) and ofcourse had to say hello, get a few photos too. Always a big smile when people see him. Its what I like to call the "Bumble B Effect!"

Some of the residents
Got to say Richmond Park is a HUGE place and will definitely ride here again when the weather is much better but those hills OMG I think I died a few times on those but with so many other Bromptonians we kept each other going. I think there maybe even some plans in the future for a London Brompton Club rider after the Brompton World Championships

I had the GoPro going most of the time with the hills so you will be hearing me groaning alot about the hills etc once I've edited together later on.

I'm not a hardcore rider when it comes to rain but when your on an event like this it kinda adds to the greatness of the event that you choosing to stick with it and trust me it is worth it.
Saw other cyclist around on road bikes zooming around the place as well as dog walkers etc, when they saw this big gang of Bromptonians riding past they all had to stop and stare and probably thinking
"Where can I get a cool bike like that?!" esp when they saw Bumble B the normal reaction is a big smile & giggle >:D

Time for a little pitstop, toilet break and a quick wonder around to really check out all the Bromptons that made it this far. Looked like everyone made it and had a few tales of the pain they went though going up them hills.

10min rest and we started the to the site of the Brompton holy grail, The Brompton Factory. I didn't know what to expect at this point as this was my first event of this type.

OFFICIAL GUEST don't you know >:P
Brompton had a secure place for our steeds and made sure Bromptonian & Brompton had a label to be reunited later on. Knowning my buddy was all safe and sheltered it was time to see what Brompton had in store for us.

I can say this enough but I was SERIOUSLY IMPRESSED. Right at the entrance was drinks to quench our thirsts. Non alcoholic stuff as well as something with abit of a kick. I've never tried Pimms before but I'll be damned if that isn't my new fav drink now with bits of fruit in ( part of your 5-a-day you know >:D ). I almost cheeky enough to ask if I could take the whole jug after the first tasting.

PIMMS o'clock
Then my nose was assaulted with the smell I knew well, looking around I found the reason for the smell. Home cooked West Indian food. Yes I kid you not. I almost cried as the smell filled my brain and couldn't decide what I was going to have first.

Very Hungry Bromptonians

YUMMY Just like home >:)
While eating we also had live music from a REAL steel band >:)

Sound of the Caribbean here in London town
The line for food >:D
Me and OrangeBrompton attempted to go for 2nds but the line was WAY out of the main tent, but then we heard there was cake.  So we almost ran back inside to grab some yummy cake. But just before we went in we spotted this very nice Chrome Brompton

Do you know what time it is?

It's CAKE TIME!!!!

mmmmm cake mmmmmm oh and PIMMS
All done >:D
After a brief rest for our now VERY full tummies to settle from all this yummy food, drink & cake. If that wasn't enough it was time for the main reason for all this. The holy grail for any owner of a Brompton bike to visit where ALL our little fold up buddies are born into this world to join with us to go on adventures though out the world and put smiles on everyone they encounter........

The Holy Grail.
End of part 1......

Part 2 "The Holy Grail...."


  1. Hi CB,
    Very nice job telling the story with photos and words. The BumbleBee looks super cool. And, it is great to see a whole bunch of Bromptonites and their Bromptons, together.

    Are you going to post any videos?

    Peace :)

    1. yeah I will do once I've edited it together abit, may take a few days though