Friday 13 July 2012

Bumble B Service & Maintance

Been busy today, finally changed Bumble B's chain to the yellow chain I got off Amazon awhile back. I fitted it & tried him out but the chain was slipping on the old sprocket. Good thing I remembered a member of London Brompton Club saying anytime you change the chain on a bike its a good idea to change the sprocket at the same time. Lucky I remembered while I was at my favourite bike shop just after I got the chain and picked one up. Fitting that was a simple thing and his all good now. Popped up to the post office for a test ride and no slipping chain, his even a little quieter as the chain isn't hitting the frame like the old one as it stretched a bit in the 3yrs I've had him. Stripped him down and gave him a good cleaning & oiling ready for the Brompton Factory Ride & Tour tomorrow at a top secret location in London.

Rear wheel without sprocket, needs  a good cleaning
Worn sprocket (L) New Sprocket (R)

New Yellow Chain

Handsome boy isn't he :)
A couple more bits have come for my outfit for the Brompton World Championships. Kinda getting scared now, do I dare go out in public in this thing? LOL !!! No pics of the rest of the outfit, its all going under TOP SECRET now....

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