Monday 30 July 2012

Event: LBC Inaugural Ride 2012 (2/2)

After lunch we headed out, I got to say the wind really picked up on out way from the beach and was pretty evil.

On our way back we stopped off at where a big estate had a mini steam engine to take you around to show you the grounds.

Mini Steam Engine pulling out from its shed

Bumble B & Mini Steam Engine
Waiting at the station

Steams Up

Ready to go
Mick who organised this AWESOME ride.
Off we went as a few of us had trains to caught back to London. It started to rain a couple of times, I think the big man was giving us a hint to get moving to catch our trains back.

Me and my travelling buddies pushed on back to the station, I think we even went the long way but got to the station with just 5 mins to spare. As we left the station on the train we saw the rest of the LBC gang in the carpark. Sorry we couldn't say goodbye in person, next time promise.

A nice rainbow sending us on our way home back to London, Waterloo Station
Me & Bumble B having a well earned rest on the way back to London, I even caught a little sleep on the way in.
The Legend earning a well earned rest.

Finally got to Waterloo Station and me and the guys wondered towards Embankment, from there we parted ways as the guys where heading towards Kings Cross and I was planning to go to Charming Cross Road and head back along my bus route home.

On my route home I came across some Olympic Games icons with Bumble B, I think some of the tourist where abit bemused by me and Bumble B (The Bumble B Effect)

Took me awhile to cycle ALL the way home but was worth it for training etc.

I went passed the Olympic grounds abit but didn't hang about taking photos too much as security was hanging about but managed to get a quick pic of this new sign in Leyton with the sunset in the back ground.

I'd like to Thank Mick for doing this little ride for the London Brompton Club in the New Forest. It was awesome and seeing all the other riders too who I've seen in the group commenting and posting etc. Definitely gotta try and do more in time, try to get something set so every month we do a club ride somewhere.

Once again thank you to everyone that attended and made it one of the best cycling/Brompton days I've had.

much luv

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