Sunday 23 June 2013

Tour De Waltham Forest with a Legend

After doing the ALL NIGHT Velonotte Albertina and finishing this morning I got a few hrs sleep and went to a local ride.
My borough has been having a Waltham Forest Bike Week. Loads of events and rides all around the borough so I thought I would pop along to explore my borough some more.

Everyone was welcome to the rides and it was great fun.

Bumble B at the start

Rollapaluza "Roller-racing"
I promised myself to have a go at this when I returned from the local ride.
Along some of the canal paths, places I have been before many times.
This bench is special

Our little gang of riders

We don't weight THAT much :P

When I returned to the start point I went back to the Rollaoaluza Tent and had a go on the roller bike. Got beat bad but the other guy was a a proper gym instructor type, so it wasn't to bad :P 500meters in 29.40

500m in 29.40s & it hurt >:P
 I was surprised to get a little medal at the end of the ride which was VERY cool.
Another medal to my collection
It's always good to ride in our local area as we get to see new things and meet local people. A few have seen or heard of "The Legend" in various cycling publications that we have been in already. :D

Garmin Data: Tour De Waltham Forest

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