Saturday 8 June 2013

A Legendary weekend #Nocturne & #Nightrider

In a few hours me & Bumble B will be beginning out EPIC weekend of cycling.

I've been looking forward to these 2 events for a good while.

With the Nocturne 2012 I didn't enter but cheered on my cycling partner in crime Mr OrangeBrompton. It was an awesome day and really wished we had entered. That was the day me & BumbleB made our pact.
" To enter as many cycling events as we could " 

We have kept this "pact" when work has allowed us, but this is the first time that we have 2 events on the same day.

Brief descriptions of the events this weekend.

IG London Nocturne 2013: Folding Bike Race.
This will be my second intense racing type of event that I have ever done. I REALLY enjoyed it at The Bike Show back in February and loved how close and intense the other racers where and the crowds.

The race consists of 2 heats of 3 Laps and the final is 5 laps of the closed circuit on London streets. The fastest 20 from each heat go though to the finals. We'll be surprised if we get into the finals, me and Bumble B just "buzzed" to get on the track and have fun.

Is what being the Legend is all about.

After the Nocturne I will be returning home, changing clothes, fuelling up and making my way to Alexander Palace for the start of London Nightrider 2013....

London Nightrider 2013
This is a charity ride 100km (60miles) around London for many different charities. My starting point for this is Alexander Palace @ 23:30hrs where my cycling partner in crime will also be riding. This should be another good night ride and especially with so many other riders doing the same thing too all for really good charities and causes. Hopefully this will be a more sedate speed compared to the Nocturne.

Not sure which camera I will be taking as my dSLR is a bit big and heavy to be handling on a long ride but its alot better than my compact in regards to night photography.

Well that's my weekend and its going to be a busy but fun one. As always there will be a full on report, photographs & video afterwards.

Watch this space.

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