Wednesday 12 June 2013

IG London #Nocturne 2013 & The Legend

I have been dreaming about 8th June & this event since last year when I attend as a spectator in 2012 when cheering on my cycling partner in crime Mr. OrangeBrompton. In my previous posting that is where I made "The Promise" to myself and Bumble B.

As soon as I exited my house in FULL on Brompton Bumble B mode I was getting great comments from people. Yes folks this was the first time I had left my house in full on racing Bumble B racing mode. I always felt a little self concious when wearing the full on outfit but then as soon as I hear the comments people think I cant hear I smile, wave and al is good.

Setting off heading to train station there was a few people about and always having a good stare even trying to take a few sneaky photos and even asking for photos too. I never mind folks taking photos, what can I say I'm proud of being a Brompton owner and even prouder on my Bumble B.

PAD: 8th June 2013

Finally made it to Smithfield's Market where the IG London Nocturne was taking place and made my way to the registration tent where I duly met up with a Mr.OrangeBrompton and other member's of the London Brompton Club.

IG London Nocturne 2013

We chewed the fat for awhile and then we actually heard we could have a couple of practice laps so we all got out there as soon as possible.

I have to say the course was a hard one, nothing like the one at the London Bike Show back in February that I raced on. Good thing I'm used to bumpy roads and potholes etc. Man it was bad but fun though at the same time. As always I knew I would have problems with the up hill part of the course but I was there to have fun. Kept a record of it on my garmin so in time I will try and improve my times on the same course over the next yr and go more hill hunting.

I think I got about 2 laps before we where called in and the race program started up.

While I was going around on my practice laps I could hear quiet a few people cheering me on as I finally saw the true form of the Brompton Bumble B. It's not something you are going to miss or ever forget when me and Bumble B roll by :D.

IG London Nocturne 2013
Heat 2 of the Folding bike race.

IG London Nocturne 2013

IG London Nocturne 2013

IG London Nocturne 2013
Urban Cycle Cross Race

IG London Nocturne 2013
The legend waiting

IG London Nocturne 2013

IG London Nocturne 2013
Some odd characters wondering about
I didn't get into the finals which I wasn't surprised about as the competition was pretty intense & hardcore. I was just enjoying the whole intenseness of the day and taking part which was the whole point for me & ofcourse everyone seeing me and Bumble B in full on legend mode.

So do you want to ride with a true legend? Check out my on board camera footage and your dreams will come true...(4x speed)

Garmin Data: IG Nocturne London 2013 Race

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