Friday 21 June 2013

The longest day: Summer Solstice Ride

Amanda O mentioned a ride that she had heard though the grapevine to welcome in the longest day of the year.

Seeing I would be off this weekend I thought hell why not as I actually like night time rides. So with it being so late I had to head out early and rode all the way from East London to Cutty Sark. Once again my Garmin Edge 800 guided me all the way even under the Woolwich foot bridge.

In the Woolwich Tunnel Lift

Cutty Sark
Met up with a few riders I have riding with before on other rides but it looked like I was the only Brompton at this stage. I've ridden with Sam K many a time and always enjoy the bunter ;)
Fellow rider Sam K
More night time riders

Fellow riders, one with Christmas tree lights on, Cool!

There was a couple of stops on the way and the first one was at London Bridge Station. This is actually right near where I bought Bumble B just about 4yrs ago. Bumble B's birthday was the day before. Seem fitting to be visiting the place where I found what would later become Bumble B.

Gathering Riders. I think Sam K wants a Brompton

Near his birth place, London Bridge
After collecting more riders at London Bridge and 2 more Bromptons I noticed. Then we was off again to our next stop, Bar Italia which was a short ride to Primrose Hill.
Waiting at lights

We arrived at Bar Italia in plenty of time to get to Primrose Hill for sunrise so we stopped here for some coffee and munchies for about 30mins.
@ Bar Italia
 It was pretty busy at this coffee bar but then again it was the only place open you could get a coffee at this time of night and with us all invading the place it got pretty busy.
Well we then set off as we didn't want to miss the sunrise on Primrose Hill. Seeing the park was pretty much deserted I tried to ride up the hill. Seems I always do a little better on hills each time, slowly but surely. :)

Riding up Primrose Hill
 Finally at the top of Primrose Hill. I always like Primrose Hill, great view of the city of London.
Bumble B awaiting sunrise.

Fellow riders just chilling out

Primrose Hill Park & London skyline
Forever the gentleman Sam K helped one of the lady riders fix her puncture.

Inner tube speaking?
With so many riders it was simple to sort.

The dark art of patching
Me & my Boy on Primrose Hill
My boy >:)
Another good ride just wish there was more Bromptons but then again we was there representing the London Brompton Club.

Garmin Data: Summer Solstice Ride 2013

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