Sunday 2 June 2013

Hills with iBikeLDN

Another great ride arranged & led by the iBikeLDN folks, but this time we was already warned that there would be hills. Me and Bumble B where fully prepared for them and this will come as a shock to a few reading this blog.

First thing was getting to the meeting point at Achilles Statue in Hyde Park. I could have got the underground but seeing it was a pretty nice day out me and Bumble B flew down there.

Got there in decent time and there was already a few riders there waiting.
Riders gathering

Achilles Statue @ Hyde Park
11:00hrs and we was off.
Heading off
 We headed towards Regents Canal

That is the life
Always love going along the canal paths but when the weather is nice and gets busy.

Heading up our first proper hill, Primrose Hill. In this park your not allowed to cycle so everyone had to walk up. I have to say I actually felt more tired walking up the hill
Long walk up Primrose Hill

View of London
The best view
We had to stop for abit at Parliament Hill as it was pretty steep one. I actually managed to get up a good half of it before I had to jump off but I was doing this while eating a huge Flake 99 icecream :9
On top of Parliament Hill
As always the fun bit is heading down the hill, wheeeeeeeee
We then headed off to some Alexander Palace which is on top of, you guessed it a another hill. The thing is next Saturday night I will be heading to Alexander Palace for the start of the London Nightrider 2013 so it was good to have a look around the place so I know the layout a little.
Alexander Place up ahead
More walkers

 Bumble B looking back across London from the steps in front of Alexander Palace.
After Alexander Palace, we headed back down the hill and though a few cycle paths. We took a odd way to get to Finsbury Park. It was alot of pathways which was pretty nice actually but busy with walkers, dogs and other cyclist

 When we was heading down the paths we saw a few areas where graffiti artist had taken over a few of the walls and I saw this statue trying to crawl out of the wall. Also I was informed by Zabou that she has got some of her art right next to this guy here
Creep guy

Zabou's Graffiti art

Well the end of the ride was in Camden; the Star of Kings Pub. 

We didn't stay this time but decided to head back home via the Regents Canal.

While I was passing Islington, I went though a little park which had some odd size bird boxes in a tree. Read up about it saying it was proper bird boxes as well as artwork at the same time. Almost looks like a hive kind of thing.
Bird Boxes
I do love these hanging trees around Regents Canal so had to get a other shot before finally pushing on for home.
Once again thank you to the iBikeLDN for organizing another good ride in another part of London I haven't ridden. I do love discovering new parts of London and taking Bumble B with me. The best way to discover your own city has to be on a Brompton.

iBikeLDN: Check out the view


  1. Had a great time on the blue and white brompton. Was great to meet the legendary bumble bee

    1. Was great meeting you to, hope you join the London Brompton Club too if you haven't already ;)

  2. Once again, love the pictures.


    1. Thanks was fun to break out my Infra Red camera, now that summer is here more chance to bring it out :)

  3. Fantastic pictures Bumble Bee! it was nice to meet you, im the guy at the front of (more walkers) picture.
    Thank you.