Wednesday 24 April 2013

The return of the B

Well I know a few readers have been wanting to hear about Bumble B's upgrades so here is a few photos and my thoughts about them. 

I can assure you it wasn't easy for me to be without Bumble B for almost 2 weeks to be honest, I knew it was for the best but damn it was tough, but he's back and dang what an upgrade.

With my upgrade to a 6 speed from 3 I managed to get the new 2013 wheels/rims. As you have seen in previous post I wore my old ones so much the I broke though the rear rim itself. At the same time I got myself the super light front wheel too with sealed bearings which rolls like a dream.
2013 Brompton Light Front Wheel
2013 Brompton Light Front Wheel

I flicked the front wheel and it didn't stop for just over 5 mins and cause it was so silky smooth with its light weight and sealed bearings. I don't need to take apart and re grease on regular basis like with my old one.

The BWR on the rear is outstanding and makes Bumble B a complete different kind of ride. Will take time for me to learn how to use the gears again. Hill hunting is on the cards for sure.
Brompton 6 speed BWR
Next upgrade is the Brompton brake levers, they are awesome compared to previous ones I've had, more positive braking and control.
Easy to use just 3 even 2 fingers only. They just feel so right.
2013 Brompton Brake Levers
As you can see I also  acquired some yellow hand grips as well. I wasn't so sure about the updated grips but compared to the old grey original grips they are a BIG improvement. Only thing with the light colour they will look dirty pretty quickly. Just means I have to spend more attention on Bumble B in cleaning.

Did I nearly forget to mention the black handle bars? Looks awesome and then some ;)
Yellow grips, updated brake levers & black handle bars

Another great upgrade to your Brompton is the chain-set in which you to change the chain ring with out having to take off the whole crank set with special tools. The new design crank-set allows you to change the chain-ring without the need for special tools or to take off the whole unit.
2013 Bottom Bracket & Crankset
I've noticed that my chain ring isn't as close to the rear frame like the old one. I remember the first few months I had Bumble B that one of my crank arms kept getting loose over time and had to get the shop to completely replace it so maybe back then they forgot to put a spacer in or something as the new crankset there is a big gap so its not touching the frame again.

Well thats about it with all of Bumble B's upgrades, there isn't anything more to do on him other than wait for summer to really kick in and enjoy it.

p.s. ok I lied, maybe a black seat post will be the final finishing touch as I saw one in person at the LBC: Sheffield Ride last weekend >;)

I like to thank LondonFields Cycles & Brompton Bicycles Ltd for looking after him so well. Many MANY thanks to everyone that has been involved & helping realise the vision I had in mind.

Me, Bumble B 2.0 & Noah @ Londonfields Cycles

Brompton Bumble B 2.0 continues.....


  1. Thanks for sharing the upgrades. Your B looks amazing. How about getting the titanium seat post which has a dark grey color?

    1. To seat posts are pretty rear and expensive on eBay. Looking into a black seat post though from a Italian company doing custom bits. Place in London does them, going to check them out this week ;D

    2. You can get Lightskin seatposts for Brompton, they are available in black colour, too :)

      Btw, where to get a black M bar? :)

    3. Considered that over a yr ago but they didn't make blk ones back then but these days I ride with a saddle bag so that would get in the way of the lights.

      Looking at the Milan black seat post soon & Bumble B's upgrades will be complete

  2. The original bike was pretty special but new additions enhance that!!

  3. That, sir, is a major modding! Glad to see it! I'm going to switch out my chainring from the -12% to the standard tomorrow.

  4. Hey Andrew is it a 44T cogs the new chainring???

    1. No its the new updated crank with 50T chainring but the new version is easier to change as I don't need to take the whole thing apart just allen key for the chain ring itself and change that out for 44T or whatever.