Monday 8 April 2013

Bumble B's Hardware

On 18th June Bumble B will be 4yrs old. We have gone though quiet alot of hardware.

Bumble B is currently on his:

  • 6th set of brake pads
  • 5th rear cog
  • 4th set of tires
  • 5th chain
  • 3rd set of pedals
  • 3rd Bell
  • 2nd pair of Grips
  • 2nd set of brake & gear cables
  • 2nd rear mudguard
  • 2nd helmet
  • 2nd Suspension block
  • 2nd set of wheels/rims

As soon as the new 2013 chain set, bottom brackets & brake levers are available I shall be changing those out too. Maybe the Brompton Toolkit, who knows.

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