Monday 22 April 2013

Bumble B explores Sheffield with some friends

Woke up this morning feeling great even though I didn't get to sleep till gone 01:00 due to working late shift and tinkering with Bumble B as it was his first night home & first major ride since his surgery.

Checked the weather looked like it would be alittle chilly to start with but warming up later on in the day.

I think Bumble B couldn't wait to get out of the door so we went.

Bumble B ready to go
Got to Kings Cross / St. Pancras with time to spare. met up with my travelling companions, Ann & David P and Mick.B.

Bumble B's first outing after his surgery
I think Lady Gaga missed him badly as she was snuggled up to him all the way to Sheffield on the train.
Lady Gaga & Bumble B plus Mystery B on top
Twisted church spire

We all ready to get off the train.
Bumble B 2.0 looks on

Team talk

40 Bromptons lined up for LBC line up photo

Tram lines

Bumble B 2.0

Old Steel works bulding

Bumble B having a chat with the other Bromptons

The art of Phlegm

Lovely canals almost like those in Hackney

Stop off at the Shopping centre
Watch out for that tram :)

Spotted the red brake holders

What they used to make steel

How BumbleB looked from above

Had a great fish and chip lunch with mushy peas, never had mushy peas yummmy
Awesome Fish & Chip Lunch yum yum

Bumble B & Tigger Bromptons :D

Daisy on top of a hill

Local Bicycle hang out, lovely pizza

Orange O Bag

Couple of big balls in city center

Bumble B is strangely attracted to this flower Brompton

Great water feature outside station

Portrait shot

End of a great day in Sheffield
Would like to thank everyone involved in this great ride up in Sheffield. First time up north must to do it again.

Great to see everyone and I think Bumble B enjoyed himself too, his first big ride since his surgery and he performed perfectly.

Proud of my boy

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  1. Nicely done, Bumble Bee. Whose red brake shoe holders are those, I wonder?

    Peace :)