Thursday 4 April 2013

Major Overhaul

At the moment I have Bumble B prepared for getting his new wheels in the next few days. Though it would take me a little while to get the tires off the rims as it took me ages to get them on when new but they came off pretty easy.
Wheel less Legend

Well loved but worn out rims

I have a big ride coming with the London Brompton Club: London to Cambridge Ride this Saturday. I won't be riding Bumble B cause the hairline crack I've had on the rear triangle has got longer the last month or so.
I've been advised (ORDERED) not to ride Bumble B till his rear triangle been replaced.

Luckily Bromptons come with a 5 yr warranty on frame parts and I've talked with my guys at Londonfields Cycles would says it should be fine for them to change it out for me under warranty. I'll be going there tomorrow to find out when I can bring him down to get it done as they may have to order it in as they don't normally have rear triangles in stock.
Hair line crack on rear triangle
Seems I've really been using Bumble B alot and its only when I check my mileage on the Garmin site that I truly realise how much mileage I actually do & its kinda scarey but I love every single mile.

If this keeps up I may end up getting another one


  1. Glad to see you didn't get any hassle with the warranty claim. Truly standing behind their product!

    1. Yup another good reason why I got one in the first place.