Friday 26 April 2013

Packing light for changable weather

With the change in weather I now have to change what I wear when cycling. I have still been wearing basically my winter cycling stuff and now that the weather is starting to get a little warmer I have to remove layers. I never had a windproof / shower proof jacket before but I've heard good things about a few. My cycling partner recently purchased the Pearl Izumi Pro Barrier Lite as a windproof/shower proof jacket for rides (review here). I personally would have loved to have the same one but due to not alot of places actually having them in stock and available at short noticed I had to go hunting around this morning for something. Cycle Surgery came to my rescue with the Endura Pakajak.

Like with all cycling clothing it fits close to the body so make sure you actually try it on or know exactly size that fits you.

  • Ultra lightweight & shower-proof ripstop fabric
  • Zip guard & storm flap; 2 layers of main body fabric bonded & lazer cut
  • Reflective trims on sleves, shoulders & rear
  • Underarm mesh vents for optimal breatheability
  • elasticated cuffs, rear neck & hem
  • Weight: 154g
Weights double that of the Pearl Izumi Pro Barrier Lite that I was looking for but at £39.99 can't go wrong.
The Pakajak fits into its own little stuff sack (assuming you want to use the stuff sack) that's 14cm long with an 8cm diameter; that's small enough to fit into a jersey pocket with space to spare.

Pakajak packed (14cm x 8cm ) 154g
Normal yellow not HiVis
As with most jackets of this type they are not for heavy showers but for light ones when you have been caught out in the rain when on a ride. This will probably always be in my Carradice Zip Roll Saddle bag for when I'm out and about as emergency back up.

Will be taking it out for the Brighton Ride later tonight and the weather is a bit changeable at the moment so got this for peace of mind. I also like the fact that its not HiVis yellow that alot of cycling clothing comes in these days. It can be a little over powering at times & I love just plain yellow.

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