Monday 29 April 2013

LBC Ride: Thames Ramble

Yesterday my co founder of the London Brompton Club Mick.B. said he would be having a little ramble around the Richmond area and to show some of our visiting LBC members from Malaysia (PUR)along the Thames river.

Seeing Mick.B was down I could return "Bluey" and thank him personally for lending me his Brompton when Bumble B was having his surgery.
"Bluey" & "Bumble Bumble B" strapped up
So off we all went, took a little longer as my SatNav was playing up abit but finally got to Richmond and met up with everyone. Then we was off down the road to go along the Thames River.
Our little gang on the River
Bumble B posing as always

Preparing for the classic "Brompton Lineup"
The LBC Brompton Line up
Bumble B with some metalwork
By the Thames River
Crossing the Thames

Laser single person boats
Along the way one of our number had a puncture, Mick.B. jumps into action and repairs puncture in quick time and we are on the road again.
Mick.B in action.
 Went along the river bank and came across this group having a great little picnic all dressed up as characters from a well known book. Asked me to show them the fold & unfold a couple of times.
Bumble B visiting a picnic
While out and about talked to quiet a few people about Bromptons as they where interested in what we was all doing together. Hopefully they will soon be a part of "The FOLD!" and members of our little LBC Group ;)

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