Friday 26 April 2013

Preparing for Brighton Night Ride

Tonight, Bumble B 2.0 & I shall be attempting the FNRttC: London to Brighton with my cycling partner in crime @LondonBrompton & Mark W from the LBC.

On my last 2 long haul rides I haven't done as well as I would have liked. I could put the blame on a few things...

Only having 3 gears.(Bad for big hills)
Not riding my own bike
Not keeping my fitness level up as much when Bumble B was having his surgery.

But the buck stops at that face looking back at me in the mirror. Yup me.

Earlier in the week I did a major training session with my age old nemesis Richmond Park. I don't like Richmond Park due to the many long hills it has but I needed to see if the changes I've made to Bumble B would help.
My first circuit on Richmond Park was pretty bad to be honest. I was wearing way to much and was basically over heating. At the suggestion of my cycling partner/coach Mr OrangeBrompton I took off a layer and we did another circuit. Now folks for me I normally only do 1 circuit of Richmond & call it a day but I had to see what improvements I would see on Bumble B.

Garmin: Richmond Training Loops

The hills did feel much easier and I learned that my highest gear is my "save me if all else fails" gear, only to be used in emergencies.

Just trying to figure out what to wear on this ride is hard enough as the weather is changeable. I want to get this right as I can as I've been pretty down about the last big rides.


  1. You are as much my cycling coach as I might be to you. The great thing is that as friends and riding partners we are on this journey together!

  2. Keep something in reserve for Ditchling beacon. As I recall it was difficult for some people and it's right near the end.

    1. I've heard of horror stories on that bit. I'm not so proud to walk up it if need be