Monday 4 March 2013

Some TLC

Was a crisp day today so I cleaned up The Legend in the backyard with the Park Tool Bike Stand.

I have to say I enjoyed using the stand properly and cleaning Bumble B was much easier. No need for me to worry if he was going to fall over or drop on my head etc. The main thing was the chain & chain ring as they where both pretty caked up with mud/dust/old oil etc so really needed to work hard on it. In the end I put some WD40 on a rag and the muck came away pretty easy on the chain, chainring teeth. I didn't use alot and made sure I wiped down everything I touched with the WD40 and oil it up good. Bumble B feels VERY smooth now. Took me about 3hrs but then I was really taking my time and trying to get into all the really bad bits.

I tend to do major cleaning and maintenance on him maybe once a fortnight unless we go riding somewhere that;s really muddy. If caught out in the rain I always try to cry him off as soon as I can and re oil him. Seems this keeps him in good condition as other people have ridden him they have said his is pretty smooth and silky :)

I will be updating him to a 6 speed at some point, just not sure if I'm going to attempt it on my own or ask someone who knows what they are doing to give me a hand. I'll see how I feel when finally get the parts & read the instructions. I'll probably ask someone to give me a hand just to make sure its done properly

Looking to get the whole 6 speed conversion (which means new rear wheel & other bits) & probably a front wheel while I'm at it. Probably be the new 2013 versions of the rims too. Also looking at getting new brake levers as well just not sure if its goign to be the Brompton 2013 version or some other type. This way I'll have a spare set of wheels which I would probably have as my racing wheels (tires) so I'll just swap over the wheels completely instead of fighting to change the tires.

Also while cleaning The Legend I noticed the gear cable looking worse for wear so I really gotta look into getting a new gear cable either change it myself or get the London Fields guys to do it while I'm at work. It's not a normal type of cable either so I have to get a proper Brompton gear cable. I have to say its pretty awesome having a Premium Brompton shop near by so I can just pop my boy down when at work and pick him up afterwards if  there is anything I don't think I can handle on my own.

PAD: 4th March 2013
Clean chain


  1. Hey! How did you get three photos into one frame there? Did you do that with the Blogger software or another application?

    I love cleaning my bike and yes, the Park stand makes it fun and a whole lot easier. Also, one doesn't get back ache.

    1. the 3 photo was done on my iPhone app called FrameMagic. pretty easy to use and fun too.

      oh my back is thanking me big time as well as my head as Bumble B liked to fall on my head otherwise :D

    2. Kewl. I will have to check my Android phone to see if there is something similar.

      The good thing about these bike stands is once the bike is clamped in those jaws, it ain't going nowhere.