Sunday 17 March 2013

The Legend at LBC: The Thames Triple Chaser

To say I had been looking forward to this ride is an understatement. Yesterday didn't start out as great as I had hoped weather wise but I had prepared for the worst and nothing was going to stop me & my fellow Bromptonians from doing this ride.

Armed with full waterproofs I headed off into the direction of Charing Cross Station. Due to some underground works I got there a little later than I planned. On entering Charing Cross Station it was easy to find my fellow hardcore club members all suited and booted for what London's weather was going to throw at us for the day.

We waited for abit but finally we set off.

On this first bit we was on the roads in central London and heading down towards the Thames, our first stop was near Tower Bridge.

Tower Bridge
Sun Dial near Tower Bridge?
At this point we could feel a strong wind coming off from the river and we had to make sure we kept our Bromptons close to hand as couple actually blew over in the strong winds whipping up off the Thames

Wet but hardcore Bromptonians solidering on

Shelter in Victorian band stand
Our first stop was at this London farm & stables (Mudchute Park) which had a place to get some hot fluids and something sweet to eat.
Some of the residence
Very welcome sight
Static Penaton
Continuing along to Docklands we finally made it to the first foot tunnel. I didn't get to do the foot tunnel last time so this was something new to The Legend. This is the Greenwich Foot tunnel that comes out right next to the Cutty Sark had has been refurbished completely.

New Lift
A wet but hardcore Legend
Lift so big you could get a small car in

"No Cycling" in this foot tunnel
We then headed off towards Greenwich Park itself where alot of construction was going on the main road heading up to the top of the hill. At the top even though it was raining and overcast the view of London was breath taking as always.

The Thames Triple Line up
Thames Barrier Cafe
Another foot tunnel (The Woolwich Foot Tunnel), this one is still under refurbishment and its pretty much run down. Seeing it was so run down we decided like the rebels we are to ride though the tunnel.

Naughty Bromptonian
Woolwich Footway Tunnel

Thames Barrier

After the Thames Barrier we headed towards Emirates Air Line cable car.
6 Bromptonians & their B's in cable car

Big Ship
Another VERY short tunnel

Discovered a new cycle path at Naval College

The former Naval College
At the end of the ride a WELL deserved chocolate chip cookie & hot chocolate at the local river side Brewery.

Onsite Brewery with dates on when it will be ready

Another Hot Chocolate & a HUGE Chocolate Cookie

This was the end of the ride and it was a good ride even with the constant rain which had died off after the Emirates Air Line ride.

Me & OrangeBrompton decided to head back to London via the Thames Clipper which is always a great photo opportunity for us.

Anyone abusing their B's end up here

HMS Belfast & companion

The Shard

We disembarked the Thames Clipper at Embankment and me and Mr.OrangeBrompton said our goodbyes and ofcourse looking forward to the next  London Brompton Club ride.

I have to say as with Mr.OrangeBrompton that this is becoming one of my fav rides to do in Central London. Being by the Thames and with is every changing river side developments on going there will always be something different each time. Plus with less time on the busy London roads we where able to take in the sights of London itself and find its hidden areas.

Even with the constant rain & wind it was a good ride. Being dressed properly on a ride makes a HUGE difference in enjoying it as well as the great company. When the weather changes for the better the rides will be even more enjoyable if thats indeed possible.

Thanks again to everyone that attended (Mark L for great planned & lead ride) and hopefully those that didn't I hope you get to come on a LBC Ride as soon as your able.


  1. Dear Andrew,

    My name is Joseph Tan from Malaysia.
    I find your blogs most interesting, and the way that you have personalized you Brompton amazing.

    I too write blogs on biking, and have recently got a Brompton and am trying to personalize it.

    Now, I am writing a blog on personalizing my Brompton and would like to have a link to your blogs with a photo too (this will make the particular post more complete). To do this, I will have to borrow one of the photos in your blog showing you personalized B. Would that be okay?

    Do let me know.


    1. Sure you can definitely use a photo of Bumble B for your blog post on personalizing a Brompton.

      Always good to spread the word about The Legend of the Brompton Bumble B

    2. Thx Andrew.
      And also thanks too for adding me to your blog list. Really helps. I have done the same likewise.
      This November, a few of us will be flying to Tokyo, Japan. We will be bringing our bikes along to ride (that's why I got my B, easy to get it around).
      Sometime in between I will take my B over to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, it's riding time again!

      Till then, Ride Well Ride Safe, my friend.

    3. Awesome on the 6th April me & a few crazy folks (14 at last count) from The London Brompton Club are cycling London to Cambridge (about 65miles)

      This will be my second time in doing it, we must be mad as the weather is still pretty cold and some places snowing. lots of other rides planned int he next couple of months too all will be blogged ofcourse >:D

      Keep on spinning

  2. Thanks Andrew. Much appreciated.